Friday, September 7, 2012

Bravado Designs: Bliss Nursing Bra Review

From humble beginnings developed around a kitchen table, Bravado quickly built a strong reputation as having comfortable, stylish and quality nursing bras. Lactation consultants, midwives, childbirth educators and others in the health care community quickly started recommending our products to new moms, and they still do to this 

Seamless Molded Foam Cups
Flexi-Fit Support Channel
Wear as a maternity bra or as a nursing bra
Nursing clips that stay closed
A proprietary Bra Conversion Kit (BCK)

Macyn and I have been successfully nursing for 7 months today (9-7-12) and the need for a good nursing bra is a must! Without good bras, nursing is a lot harder. 

When in public, you want a good bra that is comfortable to wear, can quickly and easily unclip, fold down, and stay out of the way so you can nurse. I think this Bliss Nursing Bra does just that!

My favorite part of this bra is how soft to the touch it is. It feels like silk and once on, you can't really tell it's there. The cup easily folds down and out of the way when nursing, yet another big plus of mine! 
Each bra comes with an extension piece if the band is too tight. For me, this was a great thing. I've never had an issue with size until this bra because it was tight around my chest. At first I thought I'd have to return it, but then realized the extender and knew I'd be just fine with the bra I had. 

The design in between the cups is subtle, but a great feature. It's a cute design and adds a little feminine touch. The band for me folds over after a short time wearing it however, so it doesn't stay like in the image above. It can get uncomfortable after a while but not a huge issue for me. 

I think the straps are nice and durable and can easily hold me through out the day. Some bra straps slowly move from where they're positioned and then I notice after a month or so that they need to be adjusted to put me back in the right spot. 

The clip is a great feature for me!
You can easily open and close with one hand, yet it stays nice and secure when need be. Once you're done breastfeeding, this bra also comes with a conversion kit to make it a normal bra. I don't know of other companies that offer this and I find it a great selling point. They also sell extras for only $5 in black, white, and butterscotch! 

This bra comes in the three colors above with the sizes 34 B/C- 38H/I

Retail Value: $54 USD

To celebrate 20 years, Bravado Designs is having a giveaway!

All you have to do is go to the 20th Anniversary spot on their website, enter your name, email address, country, and which stage you're in (pregnancy/nursing) and then they'll choose one Facebook fan, one Twitter fan, and an e-bulletin subscriber on the 20th of every month (until the end of 2012) to win a nursing tank and two bras of winner's choice!


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I need to tell my friend about this!! I will make sure to go to their website. Thank you!

Ashley S said...

I'll let my nursing friends know! Thanks for sharing :)

Cathy Anderson said...

I finally found a comfortable, adequate bra!!! I would recommend Playtex 18 hour bras to everyone who is looking for something that is comfy, doesn't ride up and breaths.