Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Infantino Infant Toys Review

Infantino makes toys, carriers and products for the most important customers in the world - moms, dads and babies. We use our insights as parents along with a big dose of creativity, smarts, craft and care to make things that celebrate and cultivate the joys and connections between parents and babies.

Baby toys are an obvious must when you have little ones, but there's so many to choose from, where does the search begin?! Let me tell you about Infantino and a few of the infant toys they carry. 

The two toys above are a Crown Jingle Jems and then a Peek A Boo Rattle. 

Both infant toys are rated for 0+ months and easily attach to a carseat or stroller. 

Having all girls, I got the girly selections of both, but there's also a boy/neutral version. 

The crown toy is so cute in person!
It's colorful and has little jems in each shape so it truly jingles and gets the baby's attention when its hit and played with. It's all hard plastic and durable for wear and tear from a growing baby once they learn to throw things. 

The Peek A Boo Rattle is also great. 
It's very plush and soft to the touch, but also fuzzy. I like that it has crinkle features around the neck and also the  textured teether. Babies get a special surprise when you lift the face and find a little mirror and an adorable baby staring back! 

This is the Lil' Loopapalooza
Rated at 3+ months
This is probably my favorite to take with us when out and about.

It also clips on to carseats, and has a lot going on for a little toy. It also has crinkle flaps, textured teethers, and a mirror with the four extra shapes just for fun. This one keeps Macyn occupied while out and yet its not huge and over powering when attached to her carseat strap. The orange and red rings at the bottom also clink together if the toy is shaken a lot so there's an added noise factor. 

Overall I think the Infantino infant toys are great! Small enough to carry around with you, and yet easy enough to clip on the carseat and go! 


manda said...

I love Infantino, they have some really beautiful and amazing products. Thanks for sharing!

Danielle Simmons said...

Love how bright and interactive these toys are. Definitely makes the baby interested more. Especially with the different items attached like the mirror and rings.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Those are so cute. We love Infantino here!

Isabella Flores said...

My daughter had the crown jingle gems and thank goodness I was right there with her but she was able to pull one on the jingle gems off and put the little piece that was sewn on in her mouth and could've choked. They should be sewd better.