Monday, September 17, 2012

Kissed by the Moon Review & Giveaway 10/1

Kissed by the Moon was created out of a passion for cloth diapering and environmentally-friendly living.  After I began cloth diapering my daughter in 2006, I realized that cloth diapers were not only easy to use and great for our planet, but that they were irresistibly cute and cheaper to use than disposables. 

While I had wanted to open an online store for several years, it took me getting pink slipped (I’ve been a middle school teacher for the past seven years) to give me the kick in the rear end I needed to finally pursue my dream.  My devoted husband has been next to me 100% of the way, and together we created Kissed by the Moon.

Ones & Twos diapers are an All In One system
made to fit children 7-39lbs

An All In One system is the closest to disposable diapers you can get. This diaper has an absorbent soaker pad sewn into the diapers. Each diaper comes with an additional soaker pad that can be laid in the diaper or slipped inside the front pocket. This ensures that babies stay dry at night or when your children move up to medium wetters. Once you have a heavy wetter though, its suggested to also use a bamboo soaker to ensure dryness. 

Above is a diagram to show which placement is best for the size of your child. Macyn is currently about 14lbs which means she should fit comfortably in the small size. 

I was skeptical of the small rise setting because it looks so tiny before put on the baby. After a little stretching here and there, it turned out to be a wonderful fit! It's very stretchy around the legs to ensure a good fit, and the diaper goes on with ease.

I did have to tuck down the inside of the diaper because it was popping up through the top. You can still see some in the photo above. You want to make sure its all inside because this is what keeps baby dry! The soaker that's sewn in the diaper is the reason it popped up and isn't a huge issue once pushed back down.

I would not feel comfortable with Macyn wearing this diaper with out the extra soaker provided. The one sewn in is pretty thin and I don't see it holding much. It would be ideal for new babies when they're getting changed every hour or so and on the smallest setting however.

I was a little surprised to turn Macyn over and see this big ol' hump of a diaper. It feels so trim and doesn't look like this when you hold it up. I put my hand on the diaper and it flattened out a bit so I don't see issues with getting clothes over it like some other diapers. Macyn doesn't wear jeans yet so I have no experience as to how easy that would be. 

Overall, I would recommend this diaper. It's a great fit on Macyn, especially since she's petite, and looks so cute on her. They have great bold colors to choose from and come in aplix only. 

Retail Value: $16.95

Kissed by the Moon has so much more to offer than just this diaper! 

I want to point out they have a rental system if you're not sure if cloth is right for your family. 
  • Our diapers are all new!
  • The longer your rent, the more money you save!
  • Your deposit comes back in the same format you paid- unlike other rental programs, we give back CASH when your diapers are returned. If you opt for store credit though, we will give you 10% MORE back. So for example, if you know you love cloth and want to get some larger sized/one size diapers and your deposit is $250, if you opt for credit, you will get $275 back!
  • Earn Kissed Cash rewards points on diapers you choose to keep after your rental period ends.
  • You get a 10% discount on diaper accessories when you purchase with your diaper rental! This includes wet bags, liners, creams, detergent, and more! Use Code: DIAPERRENTAL
  • Each rental comes with a free CJ’s Butter diaper rash cream sample and a cloth-friendly detergent sample!

They also buy your used diapers for "Kiss Cash" where you'll get credit to their store for new diapers. 

They sell covers, pockets, all in one's, training pants and more! 

Check out their website today and I'm sure you'll find something you "need"


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