Monday, September 17, 2012

New blog look AGAIN

Lakeon has been my blog designer since Mama's Baby Cupcakes opened. I get bored quickly as you all can tell with the constant changes to the blog. 

Mama's Baby Cupcakes turns 1 in two weeks so I thought I'd do one last updated look and then leave it alone for a while. 

You'll notice there's now 5 cupcakes at the top. The 3 on the left are my girls and the 2 on the right are Lakeon's children. The ? is because we won't know the gender of the baby she's carrying until November. 

Lakeon got me in to prints last year and she is why I have a zebra bathroom, hehe. 

Let us know your thoughts please! 
I hope you all enjoy the look.

If you have my button, please update that on YOUR page as well


Julie G. said...

Love the new blog look... very cute :) Especially the header! Love the cupcakes for each little and the ? cupcake is great