Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thirty-One: Thermal Tote & Zipper Pouch Reviews

Thirty-One Gifts is one of America’s fastest-growing direct sales companies.

Our products are both stylish and functional—from beautiful handbags and purses to handy storage totes, baskets, stationery and more, there is something for everyone.

And most of our products can be personalized to make your own unique statement. Visit our website to be connected with a Thirty-One consultant who can show you our collection, or maybe even think about selling Thirty-One yourself!

I was looking around the Thirty One catalog a few months ago and noticed a few cupcake items they had. Obviously I wanted them, so I contacted Aimee and she agreed to work with me. 

I chose the Cupcake Thermal because it could be used for anything! With the summer heat its great for drinks, but also a mini diaper bag. I'm not a fan of diaper bags at all! I think they're big and bulky, a hassle to always carry around, and I never fill it up. When we leave the house its only for a couple hours, or short trips to the doctor or Madison's Pre-K school one mile down the road. This is a great alternative for us when going out as a family for a few hours to the store and running errands. 

Once Macyn gets older, it'll be nice for sippy cups because I can easily clean out the inside if there's a spill or leak. This will be GREAT for next summer because Macyn will be old enough to need snacks if we're at the zoo or some where for a long time. 

With the added back pocket, it's an easy place to put car keys, a wallet, or maybe those pacifiers that aren't currently in use. It's also a good spot for crackers, or something that doesn't have to be in the thermal part because it can be room temperature. 

Next is the Cupcake Zipper Pouch

This pouch is bigger than I thought, but quite nice. My thoughts behind this pouch was another item to carry things in. I can put diapers and wipes in this for a cute way to liven up a diaper bag. It's big enough that I could put a few diapers, wipes, a change of baby clothes, a burp cloth, a pacifier, and my wallet and keys if I needed to! 

We took this little pouch with us to the fair because I thought it would be a great way to keep all the small items in one place. We had our stroller, but I wanted to ensure that my wallet and keys were secure while walking around with all the people you pass at a public event. I also put our sunblock in here so it wasn't directly in the sun. 

This is also ideal for me when running to the doctor's office. I put a diaper, wipes, and a couple toys inside for the baby, and then we're off! I like having this around because its flexible so I can bend it in half and put in the carseat beside Macyn while we're walking in to our destination and still be able to have my other hand free. 

Overall, I would recommend Thirty One with Aimee! 
Their new Fall catalog just came out which introduces 31 new styles and 20 new prints! 
View the catalog and check them out today!

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Close to Home said...

love love the cupcakes on this. I want one now.

Raina said...

These are adorable! I love cupcake themed items, they are so fun!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Great review. We love 31!!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Great review. We love 31!!!

DealinandDishin said...

I just got my first 31 utility totes this them. I wish they had this pattern then too cute!!