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Tiny Love: NATURE PALS Gymini Review & Giveaway 10/8

 Tiny Love® is a multiple award-winning global toy and baby product manufacturer which was founded in 1991 by Shoshi and Isaac Oren, entrepreneurs who had built the largest chain of baby supplies and toy stores in Israel. They began branching out into the field of developmental toys by focusing on creating toys and accessories to promote and maximize baby’s development from birth through 12 months. Today, our products are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.
This is the new Nature Pals Gymini play mat 
from Tiny Love

Rated for 0-12 months

Retail Value: $59.99 on the Tiny Love website.

Starting at just 1 month old, your baby can enjoy this as a overhead baby gym, enjoying the lights, sounds, and colorful toys hanging down. 
Once your child is around 3 months and ready for more tummy time, the bars move to create a new look and have all the toys in front of them.  
Once your child is old enough to crawl around and sit up, you can easily take off the bars and have just the mat to take with you and have for easy play! 

Our thoughts!

I got this Gymini mat to give Macyn a change from her normal pink one, and also because I have a friend due in October with a little boy. I think play mats like this are such a great investment. They provide great stimulation for the child and help them hit those next milestones! 

This playmat is another great item from Tiny Love.

We got this the day before Macyn turned 6 months old and I could tell she was happy to see it! 

It only took a few minutes to put it together and then we immediately starting using it! As you can tell in this above photo, she immediately starting looking around at her new surroundings and taking in the new scenery. 
She was the perfect age to be able to easily reach the toys as they hung down. Her two favorite toys were this squirrel and a frog. She was kicking them and enjoyed making them move to make noise. 
After a little time on our back, I switched modes and moved everything to one side. The bars were a little stiff when moving them to the new position, but were still quick to move and have the toys right in front and even better to reach!
One of my FAVORITE options about this play mat is the rings attached to the sides. I was able to take the toys and attach them to the mat and she could have them close to her and right in front. Because they were attached to the mat I didn't have to worry about her accidentally throwing them out of her reach or one of her sisters running off with them. She eventually didn't like this though because she wanted to throw them around, hehe!

Another great feature in this mat and our pink one is the crunchy features. This is a cute beaver's tail she very much enjoys because she can bite on it as well as squeeze it to make the crunchy sound. 

Overall, I recommend this playmat from Tiny Love. 

Every review I've done with them has been a successful one and I really REALLY enjoy this company. They have great items to choose from, they're durable through a child's wear and tear, and they look great after a long period of daily use. 


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