Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zippo: Candle Lighter Review & Giveaway 10/7

Zippo was founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1932 when George G. Blaisdell decided to create a lighter that would look good and be easy to use. He fashioned a Zippo lighter and the rest is history. Zippo still makes it's famous windproof lighters in Bradford, PA.

My husband is a big Zippo fan. 
As a long time smoker, they're his lighter of choice.

After a couple tries, I was able to get in touch with Zippo and they agreed to let me review one of their candle lighters! I chose the beautiful Candy Apple Red shown above. 

The shade of red is so gorgeous! 
It has a light shimmer to it which gives it that extra pop to make it look even better. 

It has a safety feature which means you have to push UP on the front button as well as push IN the back button for it to release and ignite. I can honestly say I don't always get it lit on the first, second, or third try but I'd rather try multiple times than my child possibly get it and know how to work it. I think after time this will only get better. Since it is a candle lighter, I don't use it quite every day so I don't think its "broken in" just yet. 

I made the above photo so large to ensure all could see the difference in size!

One of my favorite things about this candle lighter is its size. It's half the size of normal candle lighters and yet does the same job! I think it actually does a better job! the flame doesn't go out quickly like disposables do and you can actually MOVE with this lighter and it stays lit. I have a huge pet peeve of lighters going out when you move because little things like wind, people walking by, or a jokster trying to blow the flame out, means you have to re-light time and time again. 

Have you ever had a time where you go to light the wick and its way down in the candle? So far down that while you're lighting it the flame goes out because the oxygen some how got snuffed out? Not an issue with this lighter. 

There is a big flame difference in this candle. It can go so low that it doesn't really ignite. The picture on the left was after several times of barely moving the knob and then trying to light it. My thumbs are a little sore now but I'm glad I finally got this shot because I was pleasantly surprised at the difference. While I'm not sure why you would want/need a flame as big on the left, everyone love options! 

Overall, I really like this candle lighter. We can refill it when needed and don't have to worry about the disposables going out and having nothing to light candles with until our next trip to the store. 

Retail Value: $14.95
Available in 6 colors
Check out their website for more info on these lighters as well as their other products


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Inbox Dollars said...

For any other product, it would have been the end. Not Zippos. It resurfaced into American culture not so much because people started smoking again, but because it is highly useful. Smokers are not Zippos' largest customers. How could they be when the average smoker only needs to buy one or two Zippos during his lifetime? Zippos, after all, carry a lifetime guarantee, and its main office restores lighters, no matter how old or badly damaged.