Monday, October 1, 2012

GiNi's Clay Creations: Review & Giveaway 10/15

GiNi's Clay Creations is a one woman show who happily makes everything by hand! 
All pendants are roughly the size of a nickel and are put on a stretch cord. For only $1 more you can purchase a ball chain instead. Normal turn around time is about a week, with orders being shipped every Monday. 

For this review I purchased three necklaces and got one for free.

Madison is almost 5yrs old so I thought the butterfly charm would be perfect for her. 
She's a girly girl so the combination of pink and butterflies was perfect. 
I bought the three zebra cupcakes to represent my three children. 

As soon as the package arrived I put Madison's necklace on her and unfortunately a little time later I noticed one of the antenna had broken off. This is completely my fault because these are in deed fragile. Looking back, I should've asked to leave the antennas off because it would still look fine without them. 

Madison loves wearing this necklace and giggles when I put it on her. I think its a great gift for children as long as they understand that its not food or a toy, but something pretty to wear. 

All GiNi's charms are hand made with clay and as stated above, fragile. 
I would consider these a choking hazard for small children, so they should be used with supervision. 

I do plan on getting one for our middle daughter for Christmas and have no problems taking it away if she doesn't wear it properly. 

I think she makes great products and plan on ordering many more!

I also purchased a necklace for my co-blogger Lakeon

Let me show you some other great work she offers!
All of the following items + many more can be found in her Available for Purchase FB album

She's also running a sale through Oct 5!

Enter below to win a classic cupcake!
3 winners who also choose the top color!
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