Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Pure Romance (by Stacy)

Founded in 1993 by Patty Brisben, Pure Romance is an in-home party company which offers an exclusive line of heighteners, lubricants and bedroom accessories for relationship enhancement.

Stacy is the mother of two children, she lives in Nebraska, and sells Pure Romance Products. As a long time follower of her Facebook page, I can tell she loves what she does, works hard at her job, and does everything she can to make her customers happy!  

I've chosen Pure Romance (by Stacy) to put in the Holiday Gift Guide because they offer a variety of great products for women and couples and Stacy is a great example of how their independent sellers should act!

I worked with Stacy for the first time back in February when another seller didn't fulfill a winner's prize and our relationship grew from there. I had a lot of respect from her because we barely knew each-other and yet she was willing to send my winner items because of some one else's mistake. 

We then worked together at the end of April for a Mother's Day hop and Stacy again, was great! 

Pure Romance offers such a variety of items, there's bound to be something for everyone! 

I love their beauty section because they offer a lot of variety at affordable prices. When you want to feel good about yourself and get all pretty, make-up (for me) is my go to item, so having some lip gloss, perfume sticks, and a little shimmer powder is a great, easy choice! 

I was a big fan of the hot heart massager because it was a great item to have around while I was pregnant. It's a fun heart shaped heat pack that is activated with the flip of a little metal piece inside and feels great on the back! Simple boil to get it back to the gel form and then its ready again when you are!

The last thing from the photo I want to highlight is the Coochy Cream. It's great shaving cream to help get a smooth finish and make your skin feel great afterwards! I've always had issues with shaving my legs because I get pumps and my legs are easily irritated. After using this shave cream, I feel like I can get a closer shave, less mess, it smells AMAZING, and its leaves my legs feeling great! I even used this on my husband's neck after cutting his hair and he liked how smooth it was was going on and how easily it helped for the razor to not pull as you're shaving. 

Just to recap, if you have a friend that would love new makeup, or you're wanting to spruce things up this holiday season with your husband or partner, I think you should give Pure Romance a try and Stacy Cash is your to go gal for everything you need! 

You can connect with Stacy on Facebook, email, or text message for your needs and she replies in a timely manner to answer any and all questions!

Message her on Facebook today to get a catalog if you'd like a better look than just online, and I hope you all give Stacy a chance and come to love Pure Romance like I do!