Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal, Week 12

Doctor Appointments:

Food cravings: 
For the past 2 weeks I've really been craving dr. pepper, steak, mashed potatoes and salt n vinegar chips. Of course I limit my dr.peppers to one a week.

I've only felt queasy a couple times and I also started feeling little flutters at week 11!

Weight gain: 
If my scale is right, I've actually lost the one pound I gained in week 10.

Gender prediction tests: 
Baking soda (at 11w)-[Girl]

I sleep alright, although I get up once a night to pee and laying on my back gives me sharp pains in my lower back.

Chloe's thoughts: 
Chloe still says the baby is a girl, Sometimes I feel like she gets jealous when we have to buy baby stuff but I remind her that she use to have all the same stuff too.

Comparing pregnancies: