Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal, Week 14

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Doctor Appointments:
Oct.16-- The day before my appointment I woke up to spotting, and extreme soreness and cramping. I spent the whole day trying to stay off my feet. On the day of my checkup, (13w3d along) 3 nurses tried and couldn't find the heartbeat on the doppler. We were send to the ultrasound tech to find the heartbeat. Turns out, baby is buried deep in the tummy near my spine which explains why my tummy looked big at 12 weeks and back small at 14 weeks. Heartbeat was 161 and I got 3 US pictures of baby bee.


Waist size pre-pregnancy- 32 inches
End of first trimester- 34 inches

Food cravings: 
Anything and everything sweet. Ice cream.. cake.. candy. Especially sour candies.

Baby wiggles every time I sneeze and anytime there's a loud noise such as a basketball game or while we're in a movie theater.

Weight gain:
I'm now at 8 pounds more than pre-pregnancy weight. Although, I did get weighed after eating a huge plate of food.

All Gender prediction tests from first trimester: 
Oldest child's hairline-[Girl]
Intelligender (at 10w1d)-[Boy]
Chinese Calendar-[Girl]
High heartbeat (at 9w5d)-[Girl]
Baking soda (at 10w)-[Boy]

Baking soda (at 11w)-[Girl]
No Morning sickness-[Boy]
Craving sweet(girl) or savory(boy)-[Girl] 
Skull Theory-[Boy] 
Baking soda (at 13w)-[Boy]

Sleep:Sometimes sleeping is tough since baby loves to lay on my sciatic nerve and if you've ever been pregnant and had that happen, you know how painful it is!

Chloe's thoughts: 
Chloe likes to kiss and hug the baby, She still loves telling everyone about "mama's baby in her tummy", and lately she's been telling me that my tummy is getting really big.

Comparing pregnancies: 


Domestically Seasoned said...

I am not to far behind you in my second pregnancy too. Where did you find all those test to determine the baby's gender?

Michelle said...

I found them all online, I'll be making a blog post this week on gender tests and gender theories to explain everything. -Lakeon

Kari Robinson said...

If you're only 14 weeks pregnant, how are you due in 18 days?

Michelle and Lakeon said...

I left off the 2 on accident, 182 days.

Kari Robinson said...

Lol. That's what I thought. Funny. :)