Monday, October 22, 2012

Ornaments with Love Review & Giveaway 11/5

Ornaments with Love is a company run by a family that has been in the retail gifts business for over 50 years. For the past 10 years, we have taken our experience and applied it to selling personalized Christmas ornaments in Connecticut and Washington, DC area malls, 5 years on the internet. You may have seen us in Tyson's Corner, Montgomery, Lakeforest or Trumbull Malls operating under the name Ornaments and More II.

This is our first Christmas with three children so I wanted something to show us as a family, as well as something that could be used year after year and still be "in style" each time it's displayed. 

After looking at an assortment of family Christmas ornaments, I chose this snowman family because they're cute, timeless, and its what you think about when Christmas comes to mind (besides Santa)

I was really happy when the ornament arrived safe and sound, as well as looking just like the ornament on their website. I especially liked the little touches with the writing. Adding the little dots at the end of the points on the letters gives it a more personal feel and I think it also is much cuter like that. 

My only issue with the ornament is the 2012. I don't really like it on the Snow Woman's hat, so had I known that's where it would've been placed, I probably would've opted out of a year. I think it takes away from the fact that she's wearing a hat, and when I look at her, it's all I see. I would've rather had it on the banner to the side or not at all. 

This particular snowman ornament measures approximately 3x4" and made of resin. The website also suggests that you could do this as a grandparents/grandchildren ornament, which I think is a cute idea as well! 

Unless you purchase a huge order, shipping time is about 2 business days after your order. It then takes around 2-3 business days for USA shipping and then 6-10 business days for International shipping. 

Pricing is different for each ornament and multiple ornaments have options for larger families. 

My ornament was $12.95 + the $6.95 S&H so almost $20. 

I do think their shipping is a bit high, especially if you only order one ornament, but their S&H is a set price and you can order as little or as much as you want and pay the same amount. Once you hit $50 however, the shipping fee is waived for US residents!