Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Lining: Poppins Diaper Bag Review

Pink lining London was established in 2001 by husband and wife team; Charlotte and Rufus Pearl. Pink Lining is the international family lifestyle label, famous for its signature “Yummy Mummy” changing bag that aims to put the smile and design into practicality by making the usually mundane paraphernalia of parenting cove-table.

The Poppins diaper bag is perfect for the fashion conscious mommy. It is not only stylish but practical and functional too! The shape of the bag is slightly deeper than most of our other diaper bags so you have more room for your baby things. The front zip pocket is brilliant for keeping mommy things safe and separate from all the baby bits and bobs and has handy features such as a key chain, phone pocket and pen holder. The bag has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted so that it can be made long enough to fit over any stroller handlebars.

The outside of this bag is very durable. I purposely spilled a few drops of water on the "waterproof-resistant" lining as well as the outside of the bag. The water didn't soak into the fabric, instead it created a little water bubble on top that I was able to wipe off clean, leaving no stains. The adjustable shoulder strap is great and very comfortable when carrying around for long periods of time. The "love birds" image on the front is adorable and very well sewn.

The diaper bag came with a very thick padded changing mat that I absolutely adore. It will be very comfortable for baby to lay on while diaper is being changed. It also came with a zipper pouch for wet wipes. They both have a pink cupcake print, which is adorable if you have a little girl but not so much for a little boy.

The zipper front compartment fits all of my mommy things perfectly. It even has a couple of small pockets for things like loose change and cell phones that would normally get lost in other diaper bags I've used in the past.

On the inside of the main compartment, there are two deep pockets that are the perfect size for diapers. There are also 2 thermo-insulated bottle pockets that Pink Lining claims will keep bottles warm for up to 3 hours. I have tested this and can confirm that they do just that. After 2.5 hours, the bottles I had heated up, were still warm. There was also enough room for the changing pad, wipes, extra clothing and more in the big compartment. It closes easily with the magnetic button closure.

Overall, this bag is well worth the price and I'm very happy with how well it's made. Although, shipping did take a while. This company is from the United Kingdom and I'm from the United States so it did take around a month to get to me.