Friday, October 12, 2012

The Vintage Pearl Review & Giveaway 10/25

The Vintage Pearl began in 2007 after a stay at home mother of 4 wanted a creative outlet. After self taught ways to make jewelry, they opened up on Ebay, Etsy, and eventually their website. In 2010 they were able to open up a retail store in Tulsa, OK and have been thriving ever since!

Looking on The Vintage Pearl website one day, I found the beautiful necklace posted above. I immediately fell in love with it and knew it would be perfect for me and my family! 

Madison is our oldest and does the "I love you" symbol to us all the time. It's special when she says "Hey mom! I love you" and I see that sweet little hand held up high. 

I had The Vintage Pearl in my drafts folder for a while, waiting for the right time to pitch and I'm so happy they said yes! I'm not much of a jewelry person unless there's a special meaning behind it, like my wedding ring, and now this gorgeous necklace!

Even though I think the chain should be a tad longer for my personal taste, I think it lays great! The pendant lays flat on my chest and doesn't really move around too much. I really like the size because its noticeable, yet not overbearing. The one benefit with the standard 18" length of the chain is that it will be the perfect piece to wear with v-neck shirts because it takes up the empty space from your neck down. I plan on wearing this at Madison's birthday party next weekend and am sure I'll get compliments on how beautiful it is! 

This necklace retails for $58 on their website and comes standard with an 18" chain. You can upgrade to 20" for $3 more and even as long as 24" for $5 more. You can choose from multiple fonts and have many more letters than I have on mine with 40 characters as the max. 

Please Note: Capitals are NOT standard and was a special surprise for me because the K in McKenzie's name

As you can see above, The Vintage Pearl offers a variety of choices! Simple charms, key-chains for dads, birthstone necklaces, and bracelets are just to start! There's a variety in each section, guaranteeing you'll find something you love for yourself and/or family!

The Vintage Pearl website also offers a "ready to ship" section if you're not wanting to wait the standard 2-3 weeks delivery on personalized items. They have my same necklace for $38, charms for $10, and I especially like the limited MOM necklace for $68. 

Domestic shipping is $7 and they offer International shipping for $17


Mommy2HavenNHudson said...

these are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Claude said...

Love your necklace! I'll check back soon to see if this opens up to Canada :)