Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal: Week 16

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Doctor Appointments:


Food cravings: 

Dr. Pepper is my weakness, even though It's bad for the baby and I. Weird, I didn't like Dr. pepper before pregnancy. Also, salt and vinegar chips. Yum!!

Symptoms: Baby has been moving a little more than usual.

Weight gain:

I'm now at 8 pounds more than pre-pregnancy weight. Although, I did get weighed after eating a huge plate of food.

Gender prediction tests: 

Baking soda (at 15w)-[BOY] 

My thoughts on gender: I have a strong feeling this baby is a girl. I would REALLY love to have a little boy, but I would be just as happy with another baby girl.

Sleep: I sleep just fine and I even go most nights without having to go to the bathroom. 

Chloe's thoughts: This week Chloe said she would be happy if the baby is a boy, and now she thinks baby is a boy. She's been getting on to me anytime I carry laundry or anything heavy and tells me I have to put it down or It'll hurt baby. I'm glad she's being thoughtful.



MotherhoodLooms said...

Wow. I'm not that thin and I'm not even pregnant!