Saturday, March 31, 2012 Review & Giveaway 4/14

Founded in Cartersville, GA by Greg and Michelle Sanders, is a leading online provider of baby clothes and accessories. 
At we strive to bring you the most fashion forward and unique baby clothes on the web, all at an affordable price! Our team searches to find the cutest, most comfortable, and highest quality clothes and accessories available. Our goal is to offer these unique and trendy boutique style clothes at affordable prices.  Since it's inception, has continued to grow exponentially, thanks to moms and dads like yourself. Our customers are quickly spreading the word that is "the best place to find unique and affordable baby clothes". offers everything from the most popular name brand clothes to unique designer lines that are hard to find. Our mission is to offer the lowest prices you can find, combined with free shipping and excellent customer service. Feel free to email, call, or instant chat our customer service team to ask questions or place your first of many orders!

Gorgeous little baby sandals right?!
Of course!
It's now Spring and that means Macyn will soon be having her little feet out and about instead of all bundled up trying to stay warm from winter. I saw these sandals on website and fell in love instantly!

I got these silver sandals in size 0-3 months because Macyn's feet are so tiny, I figure they'll probably fit all Spring and possibly all Summer.

These sandals come in silver, white, AND pink! I chose silver though because it gives a little more pop than the normal white, and yet can go with any outfit, where as I feel the pink is limited.

I love these little silver sandals and can't wait until she can wear them out all the time! Our weather is still up and down but at least she can look cute on warm days and soon all the time!

Ready to see Macyn's cute baby feet in these shoes?!

Look how well the polish looks with the silver! I love baby girls with painted toe nails!
As you can see by the last pictures, they're too big currently but the size says 6 weeks to 3 months and since she is 7 weeks old, I knew they wouldn't fit her tiny feet.

You can purchase these sandals in silver, white, or pink for $21.99
If your baby girl can walk, you can also purchase these for $27.99 in bigger sizes!

I also have to point out another amazing shoe I saw on

These adorable zebra rhinestones shoes sell for $41.99 so while that's a little steep for my pocket, these can go with so many things and I would love to have them if they were cheaper. If you're interested in these shoes, find them HERE. also says hats, headbands, tutus and so much more! Their sizes are newborn-4T so there's a little something for everyone! is My Baby Clothes internet newspaper where you can find all the latest recalls, celebrity news, parenting tips and more. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Kidz Med Thermometer Review

The Kidz-Med VeraTemp non-contact thermometer provides convenience, accuracy in a trauma-free, parent tested and FDA approved thermometer. With VeraTemp non-contact technology, there is no need to touch, startle or wake your child when taking their temperature. The elegantly designed Kidz-Med VeraTemp gives instant readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit and is easy to use with fussy or combative patients. The non-contact technology also allows you to use the thermometer to take other temperatures around the home. This superior, non-contact thermometer delivers Truth, Accuracy and is temperature taking, redefined.

Since Macyn was born in the winter and right in the middle of flu season, I wanted a good thermometer. Regular thermometers are hard to use because you have to hold it under the arm, and your child is squirming the whole just trying to get away, making it hard to get an accurate reading. Other thermometers on the market like the ones you roll across the forehead don't seem to be accurate either. We have one that you roll across the forehead and it gives random numbers and is different every single time. Sometimes it just gives an error message and while you know you did it correctly, its fails to work like its supposed to. With that being said, a new thermometer was a must for us in the house with a new baby.

I'd seen some reviews of the Kidz-Med Thermometer through other blogs, and even tried to win one, but after no luck I found a contact that was willing to send me one for review.

As soon as it came in the mail, we were all "playing" with it, taking different temperatures of items and ourselves, testing it out to see how accurate it could be. We tested our fish tank which has a temperature reader on it, cold cans, all of us, hot items and more.

This thermometer is ideal for small children because it's no contact which means they don't have to be touched for this to read. If your child is sick but you still want to check on them in the night, simply sneeking in their room, pointing at their forehead, and sneaking back out is all you need to do. It's a simple point and push of the button to get a reading and then you're done. It even stores old reads so you can compare if you're monitoring a fever. It's very accurate and can be used for many things, like temperature of food and even bath water.

I like this thermometer and I'm glad we have it because we've been lucky that our kids haven't gotten really sick, but I know the time will come when everyone will be sick and I'll happily use this thermometer with confidence.

You can purchase at local stores like Wal-Mart or Target, but also on for about $40

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daddy Scrubs Swag Box Review & Giveaway 3/31

DaddyScrubs™ is the offspring of Robert Nickell, who fathered his first four children more than 20 years ago. DaddyScrubs™ was conceived when Robert, who remarried in 2007, discovered he was about to be a father all over again in the fall of 2009!

Not wanting to endure the pains of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting his laboring wife, Robert hatched the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself. It seemed a natural thing for him to do — since Robert is a pharmacist by profession.

To eliminate the confusion between “who’s the doctor” and “who’s the daddy,” Robert fashioned the concept of “I’m The Daddy™” medical scrubs.

Treat the new dad in your life like the celebrity he is with a DaddySwag Gift Box. Each item is personally selected by Mr. Daddy, himself – including a set of our signature DaddyScrubs. Celeb dads like Antonio Sabato Jr., Kevin James, Ian Ziering, John Roberts, Ty Murray, Cash Warren, and Donald Trump Jr are just a few of the proud parents sporting their DaddyScrubs!

I think this is a must have for dads, but especially new dads! Everyone always thinks of the mom to be and especially the sweet bundle of joy that she's carrying, and sometimes the dad can feel left out. That is where this gift set comes in to play.

All our baby showers/celebration get togethers, my husband was there as well as male family members because baby showers aren't just women anymore. It's nice to have a BBQ, friends and family around, celebrating a new life, and getting gifts, but dad never gets anything and Daddy Scrubs is changing that.

This gift set has it all! With the Daddy Scrubs, they can be prepared when the big day arrives, then change in to the t-shirt and baseball cap, and then drink coffee in the mornings after getting no sleep with their I'm the Daddy coffee mug, write thank you cards with the pens, and more!

If you want to make a dad feel special, then visit and look around on their site for all the great things they have to offer. You can get an I'm the Daddy teddy bear, boxers, shirts, hats and so much more! You can check out my full review of the Daddy Scrubs HERE

This I'm the Daddy Swag Box retails for $79.95 on their website.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Pecking Order Review & Giveaway 4/8

Zoey’s Attic officially launched in November 2006 by creator and owner, Erin Delanty. The inspiration for the website came shortly after my husband and I, welcomed the birth of our first child, Bridget, in August of that year. Bridget offiially became a big sister herself in May of 2008 and the inspiration continues! Zoey’s Attic sold its first shirt just two days after launching the website and development has expanded based on the initial and continuing positive response.

As you're all very aware, I have a huge love for anything cupcake and so when I saw this sibling shirt set, I was compelled to talk to Erin about working together!

Erin and I connected in January, and after letting her know we were soon expecting our third little girl, she graciously did a BIG, MIDDLE, LITTLE sister set for me with this great print.

I was so excited when they showed up because these shirts are what everyone would be wearing when they met in the hospital for the first time! After they arrived and I showed everyone how amazing they looked, they went in my hospital bag and awaited their time to be worn!

Macyn was born at night so the next afternoon my mother in law brought in Madison and McKenzie to take their first peek at their baby sister.

It was a little difficult to get pictures of the shirts visible, but you can tell they're wearing them. Our middle daughter (on the right) did not like baby Macyn and that is apparent in the photo.

When Macyn was 5 days old, we also did a little photo shoot in our home, trying to get some better pictures to show off the shirts and their fit.

I really like these shirts. They're soft and the decals look amazing! They truly are a part of the shirt and you can't tell that the two came together to make one product.

Erin recommends not sizing up because the shirts run a little big, and I can say that's true. I wanted them to able to wear the shirts all summer and have them fit so I did get a size up and they're not huge, but the next size down would've fit them perfectly. With Macyn, I knew I'd want a size bigger just because I didn't know how big she was and babies can grow super fast!

As a parent I do not like white shirts because kids can make such big messes so quickly, but the great thing with Erin's company is that you don't HAVE to get white!

Currently on the website, there's 25 sibling shirt sets to choose from.
Each set is $32-$35 for a two shirt set.
She also offers a set of THREE sibling shirts where you customize EVERYTHING here, and then a set of FOUR shirts, where again, you customize EVERYTHING here

I also posted yesterday about Erin's cute Easter section on her site and that Macyn will be wearing her "My First Easter" onsie. See yesterday's post here and then visit the Easter section of her website here.

Erin has offered a $35 gift card to her shop!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

1K Fan Celebration with My Wonderful Walls Review & Giveaway 4/14

My name is Michael Goins. I am the creator of My Wonderful Walls and many of the stencil kits and canvas artwork you’ll find here. I am a graphic artist and industrial designer based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee

I chose to review the Canvas Wall Art section of
My Wonderful Walls.

How Canvas Wall Art procsess works:
First, select the murals you would like to purchase.
Then, you can either select from our color swatches or send us an image or link to a color scheme you like--for example, the bedding set for the room.

Finally, we will send you a digital image for your approval before purchasing.

I chose wall art because our girls have their own rooms, and this way they could each have something small that was all their own that they could enjoy.

McKenzie's room is pretty basic because she's only two and in a toddler bed. She has one big purple wall that I had her name color match to, and the flowers because they'll go with anything and they're pretty.

Madison's room on the other hand, was a whole different story.
She's 4yrs old and we decided it was time to convert her toddler bed to the full size that it can become, and let her have a "big girl" bed, as well as a more mature looking room.

I found the bedding I wanted for her over a year ago and luckily it was still for sale, so when I went to send a picture of her room so they could match the bedding, I sent them the default picture from the website. 

After a day of running errands, we all came home to see the package sitting on our porch, and very quickly opened it! The girls both loved them and immediately asked when they would be hung in their room. We got everything together and headed upstairs to hang the pictures and for me to look at the canvas next to Madison's bedding.

What do you think?
I did not change their suggestion of colors and I think it matches great!
I even had Madison approve the digital image and she was satisfied.

There's nothing extra required on the purchaser's part besides the hammer and nail!
All Canvas Wall Art pieces retail for $55+ and there are seven themes to choose from with multiples pieces in each theme. You can even get ones with clocks built in!

It doesn't stop there!

My Wonderful Walls has so much to offer!

Wall Mural Stencils
Wall Stickers
Canvas Wall Art
Stencil Paint

My Wonderful Walls if offering a $100 Gift Card
mbc1k will be good for 15% off entire purchase (valid from 3/24 to 4/17)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Are you ready for Easter?

I love Easter!
Easter eggs hunts around the house,
cute little baskets with their favorite items,
and the joy in their faces is just great!

We've done pictures in the past for Easter, and this year will be no different!
Macyn will be just shy of 9 weeks old when Easter is celebrated this year, and while she will have no idea what's going on, I wanted to introduce you to the company that made her Easter shirt!

Zoey’s Attic officially launched in November 2006 by creator and owner Erin Delanty. The inspiration for the website came shortly after my husband and I, welcomed the birth of our first child, baby Bridget, in August of that year. Bridget offiially became a big sister herself in May of 2008 and the inspiration continues!


I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and was in fact sent this onsie by the generous Erin.
This onsie retails for $16.50 on her site and also comes in blue for boys.

Check out her Easter section HERE for this shirt and others!!
She has an amazing turn around and if your little one is celebrating their first Easter, I recommend Erin and company to help you celebrate this holiday!

You can even take the opportunity to announce a pregnancy with this adorable shirt!

I'll also be opening up a giveaway on Monday to her site so don't forget to enter! You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Curious George Dance Contest

Does your child love Curious George?
Would they love to see themselves on a DVD?

Curious George is having a dance contest and they're looking for entrants and it's so simple to enter!

Simply record your child dancing along with the Curious George theme song which can be downloaded HERE, and then put in all your information as well as your child's information and upload and the video on their form HERE.

When shooting your video there's a couple things that should be considered.
Video should be shot horizontally
Video should be no longer than 60 seconds
Video should be no bigger than 100MB
Any other video format information can be found HERE.

Video submissions are due April 2 and then will be judged before ten videos are chosen. They're looking for enthusiam, creativy, and originality in these videos as well so have fun with it!!

Public voting will start on April 16 and run through April 30, with the grand prize winner being chosen in May.

Grand Prize winner will get their video on the Curious George DVD and will also receive Curiosity Kit as well as a possible visit from Curious George himself! There will be a runner up who will also receive a Curiosity Kit.

Technolgy is such a beautiful thing!

I remember watching Curious George on VHS when I was younger and enjoying all the adventures he'd get in to, but what an honor it would be to have your child on the Curious George DVD?! Having a great, fun, clean movie for your children to watch, and also having something to capture their fun and young side of life with their video displayed on the movie for all time.

My two girls love to dance! In their playroom, in the car, at commercials, or with a full song, it's always so cute to watch them move to the beat of the music and I for sure be watching the videos when they open for public voting!

Take a chance, enter today, let your child express themselves, and you never know...


Disclosure: 1.) My post is sponsored in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and WGBH. 2.) All Curious George images require the following legal disclosure - CG (R) & (C) 2012 Universal Studios and/or HMH. All Rights Reserved. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Milkies Review & Discount Code

Milkies was founded by registered nurses who know the benefits of breastfeeding and want to help you do it successfully, and for as long as you choose.

The milk-saver is easy to use; simply slip into your bra-cup on the non-nursing side before you breastfeed. The milk-saver collects the breast milk that is leaked out when your milk lets down. You can store this milk and save it for any time its needed.

This product is perfect for any situation. Easy way to collect milk without having to pump, and if you're a working mother, you can collect the let down milk while on your maternity leave and naturally have a decent size supply when you go back to work.

I also like this option instead of pumping. If I want to leave the house for a short amount of time, like getting a hair cut, I can leave her here with her father and he can be prepared just in case she wakes up. We were all sick a couple weeks back and I left right after she ate to go to the minute clinic at a local CVS and rushed the whole time because she could've woke up at any minute.

You do have to pre-plan with this item. It says the average woman gets 1-4 oz per feeding and I'm only getting about .5 oz per feeding. She eats well but I rarely leak so hopefully this is no indication of a bad supply, but rather my body's way of only releasing when it truly needs to? Unless you have a supply ready for back up, this isn't a quick alternative (in my case) but I'm glad I have for future use and try to store some to have just in case.

My overall opinion is that I would recommend this product!!!
I think it's great to have and I love that I'm saving something that otherwise gets soaked into a breast pad and thrown away.

You can purchase the Milkies Milk Saver on their website $27.95, or $46.95 for two.
Use the code: MBC_MILKIES for 10% off

Monday, March 19, 2012

Swaddle Designs Review & Giveaway 3/23

Lynette Damir, RN, CEO and Creative Director, founded SwaddleDesigns in 2002. The inspiration for SwaddleDesigns was sparked when Lynette visited families with new babies in their homes and she noticed they struggled with swaddling for two reasons. First, the blanket they were using was too small or too thick, and second, they could not remember how to make a good secure swaddle. The parents consistently asked her to share the secret of the hospital nurses - how to swaddle.

Lynette used her medical background and design education from the Art Institute of Seattle to develop the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket - large and square with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket, so parents have an effective swaddling technique at their fingertips (patent pending). SwaddleDesigns first customer was a major hospital that purchased 4,000 blankets! They understood the importance of swaddling and the educational value of Lynette‛s blanket.

Supine swaddling is important because it helps babies transition from womb to world, reduces incidence of SIDS, helps babies sleep better and longer, and decreases awakenings due to the startle reflex. By helping parents master the art of swaddling, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket is a great confidence builder for new parents.

Swaddle Designs blankets are so soft!! Soft things with a baby for me are a must! They're really big, which means they're great for any size baby, and with the easy instructions on every blanket, it's simple to make sure they're swaddled correctly every time. My husband even swaddled her yesterday :)

The nice thing about the Swaddle Duo set is the cotton flannel blanket for cool to moderate temperatures and cotton marquisette open weave for warmer climates, which means your baby can be comfortable in the changing weather and you have two great options to help with that.

The Swaddle Duo comes in 33 designs and retails for $38.00

Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Mama's Milk and More Review & Giveaway 3/20

I am a Mother of 5 children.
I started this company in hopes of helping many other women like myself, with supply issues. I have met so many mom's who wish there was something they can take/eat to help build a supply and feed their growing babies. I have a cookie that does just that! It is very exciting to have everything you need in our cookies!

I have a recipe that can give you all the vitamins and all the herbs you need to produce more of thatLiquid Gold!! If we tried to take all the ingredients in pill form, that are found in my cookies, we would have to swallow 30 pills a day! No fun, and also no time with our bundles of joy to take care of. So, with a supply of cookies, we can produce more milk with less effort on our part.  

Madison, our oldest, was born one week after my 19th birthday and while I knew I wanted to breastfeed, I knew nothing about it. I took a breastfeeding class offered by WIC, but I now know that there was so much more I should've learned! She was breastfed for the first month, but I didn't enjoy it and tried to pump as soon as she was a month old so she could drink from a bottle. Barely getting anything and being confused by the whole process of pumping, I gave up and switched to formula.
McKenzie, our second daughter, was breastfed for one week. I noticed my breasts were super flat and not filling up like I was expecting them to and she would cry all the time, so after doctor check ups and seeing her loose weight, I opted to formula feed and assumed that my breasts failed me and my child.

That leads me to Making Mama's Milk and More. She actually contacted me via my Facebook page and I was thrilled because I was doing research on lactiation cookies because of my fears of my body failing me again. It's such a horrible feeling to think that my body doesn't work right because as a woman there should be no reason why I can't provide for my child in the most natural and healthy way possible for me and my child.

I emailed her the week before I gave birth just to get in touch, let her know my due date was soon approaching, and to talk about the review. Unexpectedly going in to labor, my cookies were waiting on me when we arrived home after the 48 hours in the hospital.

AS SOON AS I SAW WHO THE PACKAGE WAS FROM I OPENED THE BOX AND ATE A COOKIE! I just couldn't help myself and after seeing months of pictures on her Facebook page of freshly baked cookies, I just HAD to know what they tasted like!
I got all three of her flavors to review which were Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Butterscotch. I happened to open the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip package and OH MY GOODNESS I was in heaven!! I remember laughing at myself after realizing I had said out loud "MMMM, THESE ARE AMAZING!!"
These cookies were so soft, moist, delicious, and the perfect size. They waited on me for at least one day and yet you couldn't tell they had been baked, shipped, and sat in a box on my front porch just waiting to be eaten. My mother in law watched our girls and I even made her take a bite because I had to share with SOMEONE at how great the taste was! (My husband doesn't eat much sweets)
I can't remember if I ate one or two cookies that night (10:30pm) but when I got up several hours later my breasts had changed for the good. I don't know for sure if these changes were from the cookies because I don't know how fast they work but I had confidence just in seeing a change.
I had no appetite for almost two weeks after having Macyn and while that is not a good thing at all, the one thing I could eat was these cookies and I made sure that I at least was getting them in to my stomach because of what they can do! Luckily my appetite came back and the cookies got to extend their life shelf some.

These cookies lasted me for 4 weeks because I did not eat them everyday. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and eat 1 or 2 cookies a day. I ate them everyday for the first two weeks and then every other day and then when I felt like I needed a boost with my supply from my breasts feeling so empty. Everytime I ate these cookies, they did their job, plain and simple!
My favorite cookie was the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. I love chocolate chip cookies and the mix of the two was something I'd never had before but it's a great blend of the flavors all mixed together.

Oatmeal Raisin by itself was fabulous as well because there was such a flavor of oatmeal but not too strong with just the right amount of raisins (in my opinion). I like raisins, but I also prefer a small amount in cookies so it's not over powering.
Butterscotch is next on the list and while I'm not really a fan of Butterscotch, I knew I needed to try them for review purposes as well as curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised when I bit in to one and didn't find myself hating it. There's chunks of butterscoth in the cookies which makes for a nice surprise and I started to like them more and more each time I ate one.
She did tell me that you can freeze these cookies and take them out as need be so they taste fresh and I did not do that but would recommend it! They did start to get a little hard in the third week but I find that AMAZING since you get in the bag so much and it had been several weeks. Looking back I wish I'd frozen some and left some out so I could've compared taste but I didn't. I purposely chose to leave them out to see how long they would last. I always kept them in the package they came in and tied the bag back up after getting in them each time.
I'm hoping funds get better at my husband's job so I can make a purchase to have in my freezer.
I don't ever get overly full and leak like crazy but I find myself constantly worrying that something might happen to my supply. I plan on breastfeeding for a while so lets cross our fingers that everything works out!!
Do I recommend these cookies?
She ships the same day she bakes and they arrive in just a few short days!
The cookies are organic and dairy free, with also selling vegan options!
Trial size is 20 cookies that sell for $30
30 cookies/30 day supply is $45
She also offers a "Subscription" for $45 that is 40 cookies instead of 30 and you don't have to worry about remembering to pay each month because PayPal takes care of that.
Check out her website for yourself and order today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Undercover Mama 3/19

The Undercover Mama is a strapless camisole that attaches right to any nursing bra. Layer it under any shirt, keeping your style without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe of nursing shirts. Essentially, Undercover Mama easily transforms any shirt into a nursing shirt! With two attachment options included with every shirt, Undercover Mama will work with any nursing bra...and you can continue to use it as an undershirt with your regular, non-nursing bras when you are finished breastfeeding.

When our first daughter was a newborn, we were at a store longer than we thought we would be and Madison woke up to be nursed. I was completely unprepared and only have a small blanket to try to cover myself. I felt embarrassed with my belly hanging out because of my shirt needing to be so far up and even had little kids staring at me at one point. Since I hope to breastfeed Macyn for a quite a while, I was excited when I discovered Undercover Mama because I knew they were the perfect solution!

I'm so glad Undercover Mama made this video because I was infact using the shirt wrong until I watched this clip!

I layer my shirts all the time, so with the Undercover Mama nursing shirt, I'm getting two things in one! Since I have two of these shirts, if I know I'm going to be out of the house for several hours, I'll wear one of these and that way I'm prepared if Macyn needs to eat. I also like wearing them as a tank around the house because they're so comfortable.

I was a little reserved on the size because I was afraid it would be too small, but I'm happy to say that my XL review shirt fits great. It's not too tight, and has a great length. My other one is a 2X and I'm glad I chose that size in the giveaway I won because it lets me compare the two sizes. I prefer the 2X for the fit, but the length is pretty long and while that's nice, its just a bit much for my liking.

Undercover Mama offers these nursing shirts in seven different colors and six differnt sizes and they retail for $24.99
I have my two favorites, pink and black.