Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hop Along Friday 1/18

Welcome to the Hop Along Friday! We want our hop to include everyone so it is a social hop! There are tons of ways to follow blogs such as Google+, Networked Blogs, Facebook, twitter and various other options. We want everyone to link up! 

Here is what we would love for you to do. Please link up your blog and at the end of it, leave how you would like to be followed. 

Example: Chubby Cheeks Thinks *Google+* 

This way, readers aren't coming to your blog and are at a loss for how to follow you. It is simple and easy and the same as it has always been but with more options to include everyone! As always, while we don't require that you follow us, we would love it if you would since it takes time to set up the hop and to spread the word. And we will follow you back if you follow us and leave us a comment! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any one of the other hostesses. 

1. Follow each of our hostesses: 

2. Add your blog link to our link list. 

3. Place our button on your sidebar! 


Sugar Aunts said...

Hello from your newest follower from the Friday Hop! Would love if you followed us

We also love FB followers and will follow in return :)