Thursday, January 17, 2013

I See Me!: The World According to Me Book Review

Thank you I See Me! for the diaper to help with this review

I See Me! opened for business in May of 2000, after a year of active product development. My husband Allan and I received a personalized book as a gift for our first son in 1998. While we loved the fact that it was personalized, we thought that the illustrations could have been much better and the story more customized to the child. Thus I See Me! was born.

With Madison turning five, I knew a book like this would be a perfect way to help go back in the future and remember how she was at this precious, young age. To me the age of five is a milestone! The time when your child is learning to count, draw, write their name, and have a real opinion. 

I was really excited when I See Me! books let me do a review with this book and the process behind how it all works so I hope you enjoy it!

This book is a hard back with 20 pages inside. Each page you turn will be filled with your child's drawings and questions of their views of the world, their future, and their life. 

Your child will be asked to draw a self portrait, family portrait, what they look like as a super hero, their favorite toy to play with and more. 

My favorite question in the book was asking Madison how many people were in the world and what she would do to help. She said 100,000 people, hehe. Could you imagine?!

I like that everything is in this kit! All you need is a child to draw and then you're done. If your child messes up a drawing, you just simply get a piece of computer paper and then lightly say on the back what the picture is in reference to. We had to do that with one or two of Madison's pictures and it only takes two seconds to write on the back. They do offer a couple extra pieces of paper inside as well but I didn't realize that until after I grabbed my own paper. 

You can add a photo of your child as well with this kit, however in this digital day in age I didn't have a nice photo on hand. There is an upgrade fee if you add a photo and it has to be a personal photo unless you have a copy right release for professional pictures or school pictures. I really wish they could use professional photos because I  have the perfect picture that I really would've like to use in this book!

You can fill this book out online and scan all drawings on to the computer and attach them with the information, but I chose to send in the mail because that's the more traditional way, and I wanted to see how long the process took. I didn't know they send back the photos your child draws so that was a happy surprise! I really wanted to use the first time Madison drew us as a family but didn't think I would get it back so I had her basically replicate the drawing in to this book. 

'The World According To Me' retails for $39.95. 
After your purchase, the kit arrives within one week and after the kit is sent back, the book arrives at your house in 3-4 additional weeks. Since the book is a hard back cover, it can take some more wear and tear then other books might, and you'll have fun flipping through it time and time again!

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