Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal: Week 28

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Doctor Appointments: 
Jan. 21--  Took my glucose test and actually enjoyed drinking the drink they gave me. Hopefully I'll get results back this week.


Food cravings:  Cookie and cream milkshake. Chips with ranch dip. Fried pickles.

Symptoms: Everything has been great these couple of weeks. I've had some braxton hicks contractions. My tummy feels really heavy when I'm walking and when I sit down, sometimes I get bad cramps in my cervix and ribs.

Weight gain: I've gained 24 pounds.

(before pregnancy while standing up, it was 32 inches) 
(while lying down)Below the navel- 40 inches.
(while lying down)Above the navel- 38.5 inches.

I still sleep great. I have a little trouble shifting from my back to my side but that's all. Brantley still wakes up and moves around for an hour or so right as I lay down for bed.

What I've been up to the past 2 weeks: I've been nesting so much still. I want everything to be perfect when I bring him home for the first time. His room is still a work in progress so when we get everything settled, I'll be posting pictures of his nursery. We recently went and bought new living room furniture and hoping to have a new dining table in the next few months.

Chloe's Thoughts: Chloe kisses my tummy every night before bed. She's finally been saying "Brantwee" more than "baby" which is a plus! She's been helping me a lot when we organize Brantley's room AND she even said they are going to be best friends. :)