Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New (Blog) Start

If you're a longer follower (possibly even from the beginning) then you've seen my ups and downs with blogging. It's hard to keep up with a blog (for me) and everything that comes with it. I was doing good over the summer and trying to really build numbers by doing those group giveaways for kindle's and such but realized it wasn't worth it. My Facebook likes went up a lot and I was happy but then would notice a big dip of unlikes after the event would be over so I decided to stop doing them. When you ask people to like 50+ Facebook pages for a chance at a $100 prize, it just gets to be too much. After I stopped working with this particular blogger group I lost over 100 Facebook followers. I was shocked and yet not too surprised because that's what people do unfortunately.

The past couple months have been a huge whirlwind for me. Madison goes to Pre-K five days a week, Macyn was behind developmentally, and my husband got hurt on the job. On top of planning a birthday party and every day life, I just had no energy to worry about the blog. I found myself taking way too long to post reviews and at one time had too many to remember which ones needed to be posted.

With this new year, I want to start over. Try to post about normal life and events that happen to me and my family. I stopped posting about these things because no one comments and therefore I got no feedback as to if it was liked or not on the blog. After talking to some of my loyal followers on Facebook I discovered that stuff like this is read and appreciated even if there are no comments and so my goal is to get back to normal posts and share my life with my readers like I intended.

My goal with the blog when I downsized at the end of the Summer was to have one giveaway posted a week but that's just not possible at this point in time. My goal will be to have one giveaway per MONTH unless I sign up for giveaway hop events.

Giveaway hop events are important to me because it builds my Unique Views as well as gets some new faces to the blog to see what I'm all about. I think you all enjoy them as well and I like offering fresh blogs for you to "hop" through as much as I like their fans to come by.

I'm sure you've noticed Lakeon on the blog as well. I've known her for about 4 years over the internet and even though we've never met, I consider her a friend. She currently has a pregnancy journal up and will help with maternity reviews as they come since Macyn is no longer a little baby and my husband doesn't want anymore children. While Lakeon doesn't post often, I hope you all enjoy when she does and learn to love her and her family like I do!

I know this post was long but I hope you all read it and can understand where I'm coming from. I had thoughts of closing the blog completely but I know I'd quickly miss it and I'd rather stick around and see where the new year takes us!


Ruth V. said...

Blogging really is a lot of work! I think you're absolutely right about those large blogger opps - they just aren't worth it. I'd save my energy for something that you're really passionate about sharing. I'm glad you'll be sticking around :)

Lindsey said...

Great post, Michelle. I'm one of those readers that hardly ever takes the time to comment {funny since I know how much comments mean}, but I AM reading!

I think there's a lot of us that are going to try to slow down on the R&G's and such and get back to ourselves! :)

Julie G. said...

Glad u r sticking around! Excited to see what the new year brings :) love the personal posts more than anything when following a blog.

Kristi C. said...

I'm a new reader--who, yes, found you through a giveaway--but I want you to know I'm glad you're sticking it out. :) Let this blog be what you want it to be, when you want it to be and we'll read it then...no worries! Family is first and we'll enjoy the posts as they come! Happy New Year!!

Julie said...

I just wanted to comment (since I normally never do) and let you know that I enjoy reading about your family and everyday life. I did find you through diaper giveaways, but honestly I found that trying to keep up with entering so many giveaways was stressing me out. I can only imagine being a blogger and trying to host giveaways!! I've since stopped entering most giveaways and just enjoy reading and looking at people's pictures. It really doesn't matter to me how often things get posted, so I say just post when you are inspired to do so!

crapinola said...

I found you through a diaper giveaway, but I would never unlike you just because the giveaway is over. Glad you're sticking around, but good for you putting your family first.