Monday, January 28, 2013

Our girls went to Disney On Ice!

Last year Madison went to the "Dare To Dream" show with my mother in law. I was about 5 months pregnant and Chris was out of state so I'm glad she could still go. She loved it and so when I heard about "Worlds Of Fantasy" coming to town, we knew it was a must! 

My husband is on call every other weekend with his job so when we saw it was January 26 we immediately looked at the calendar to discover he would be on call. This meant we couldn't go as a family and I didn't think Macyn would do well at this show anyway so we were stuck. They'd seen commercials and Madison kept asking about it and if we could go so I felt stuck.

One day while I was talking with my sister on the phone, I mentioned the show and how we didn't really have any options and she volunteered herself and her boyfriend Greg to take the girls to help us out and be able to spend some time with them. 

We kept the adventure a secret until the night before and they were very excited to go. They had a great time, loved spending time with my sister and her boyfriend, and we all want this to turn in to a some what normal thing. My sister is the closest person to me and I love that she wants to be so involved in my children's lives. 

After the show, they went to my mom's house to visit and then back to my sister's to have a sleep over and watch Tangled since its Madison's favorite movie and my sister's never seen it

Here are a few pictures ! Sad that they couldn't get pictures of the performance but the lights glared too bad to even take the time to post. 

I also want to point out that we bought our tickets and went for fun. This isn't a sponsored post or review post. Just a fun post and sharing more about us


vindiebaby said...

They look so adorable :) I hope they had a lot of fun
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