Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday

I thought I'd take this week to explain what Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday will be about, why I wanted to start doing it, and how you can interact with me!

I'm twenty-four yrs old and I have seven tattoos. My first tattoo was ten years ago when I was fourteen. We had a long time family friend that is in the tattoo industry, and this is how my tattoo journey started. He did five of my seven tattoos, and after screwing me over on one, we no longer talk. (More on that in the coming weeks...)

Each Tuesday I'll introduce you to one tattoo, the meaning behind it, why I got it, and obviously a picture of the finished product. Some tattoos need redone, and some I wish I'd waited to do, but they're a part of me and I love them for that reason. 

Since I only have seven tattoos, I'll start to share some neat ones I've found, ideas for future tattoos, or even one of YOUR'S after mine are all shared.

If you'd like to be featured in the coming months, please email mamasbabycupcakes(at)yahoo(dot)com with the subject TTT SUBMISSION. I'll need a photo, the story behind your choice to get it, and if it has special meaning to you. 
All submissions are not guaranteed to be posted

I hope you all enjoy this idea I've come up with and take part in chatting with me and possibly submitting your stories! I think this will be a better way for you to get to know more about me on a personal level and have some fun on the blog!!


Shary said...

I'm excited!!!

Lindsey said...

Love this idea - I REALLY need to get mine re-done, color added in, but it'll be fun to read other stories!

Jennifer Bramlett said...

First HELLO, I just started following you from the blog hop and hope you stop by my place and say hello. We are hosting a great giveaway right now for $150 worth of beauty products, our very first. :)

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Second I LOVE tattoos and am planning my third. I designed it years ago but have yet to get around to getting it done. I have two; a clover to remind me of my heritage and a crow which I got as a tribute to a friend who died of suicide. My next one, design myself has stones in it with each of my children's birthstone colors. They remind me of the beautiful life in 4 of my babies while the wings are a reminder of my babies who didn't make it into this world. They are just so expensive otherwise I would have had it done a while ago.

Kit-Kat said...

I love this, I've got 9 tattoos a butterfly on my shoulder blade, a rose with tribal on my hipbone, gir from invader zim in a monkey suit (that one I got when me and my husband first started dating, his nickname is monkey) my enitre lowerback has flowers on it, a blue rose on my left forearm, rockabilly skulls on my chest and my WIP a japanese style sleeve, I still need to get in colored in.

Rebecca Parsons said...

I love my one lonely tattoo. It's a portrait of my dog and around his neck is a dog tag that has my father's name on it. I lost my dad and my dog 2 days apart. It was a rough time and my husband did this for me to help me commemorate them both.