Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal: Week 30

Doctor Appointments: 
Feb.13-- NEXT APPOINTMENT 4D ultrasound. ( was the 11th and had to reschedule due to husband's work.)

Food cravings:  All sweets.

Symptoms: I've been a bit stressed out these last couple weeks. I've been having some pinching in the cervix, lower back pain, several braxton hicks contractions every day, and I've been very very sore and exhausted. I've been having a loss of appetite for the past couple days and a little bit of pressure in my cervix when I do too much.

Weight gain: I've gained 27 pounds.

(before pregnancy while standing up, it was 32 inches) 
(while lying down)Below the navel- 41 inches.
(while lying down)Above the navel- 38.5 inches.

Sleep: I get up to pee several times a night now. Brantley has even woke me up a few times from all of his moving around.

What I've been up to the past 2 weeks: I'm still nesting, even though I'm much much more tired everyday than I've normally been. I've been trying to buy everything we need for him and only have a few more things to get