Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Wonderful Walls Review "Night Owl Wall Stickers" set for our playroom

Thank you My Wonderful Walls for the wall sticker set to help with this review

My Wonderful Walls is a great company that offers a variety of items to choose from to spruce up a child's area in your home. 

I reviewed two pieces last summer from their canvas wall art collection, and they are still in the girls' rooms and look just as great as they did when they arrived in the mail. When I decided to upgrade the girls' current playroom look, I knew immediately My Wonderful Walls would be my best option because of all their cute stuff! We ultimately got the Night Owl Wall Sticker Set and below are the pictures of before, during, and after the small transformation!

I'm a little disappointed with the decals, but mainly the tree. This set retails on their site for $120 and while I do love how the stickers are made and how they feel, I wish the tree was twice the size as it came. I feel like it makes our wall look bunched up. 

Easter 2013

 The girls' amazing shirts are from Pecking Order Sibling Shirts from Zoey's Attic. Macyn had a 1st Easter shirt last year so I knew I had to buy some for this year. Madison was able to also wear her shirt to school for the Pre-School Easter party her class had and she was very excited! She mentioned when she got home that one volunteer asked what her name was and then stopped when she saw her shirt :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday week 10

Welcome to week 10 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory. Since I've went through all my tattoos, now I'll be sharing photos I've found online, and the occasional viewer submission when they come in.

I'm very pro-tattoos (I have 8 myself) so I love hearing stories about other people's ink.  I wanted to share a couple of mine with you.  While they all have meaning and stories behind them, these two mean the most to me.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal: Week 36

Doctor Appointments:

March 13-- Doctor decided to wait until next visit to check my cervix. She estimated Brantley to be around 8 pounds when born.


Food cravings:  Crunchy peanut butter and honey sandwich on multi-grain bread. mmmm!!

Symptoms: For a few days I had a LOT of pressure and was very sore. I've had a few real contractions but nothing regular. I have days here and there where I get tired while walking for a while then other days I go get an entire 2 weeks worth of groceries by myself with my daughter and feel just fine after. I was very swollen for one day and spent the whole next day peeing every few mins or so and the swelling all went down. My belly also is starting to feel really really heavy.

Weight gain: I've gained 35 pounds.

Measurements: (before pregnancy while standing up, it was 32 inches)
(while lying down)Below the navel- 43 inches.
(while lying down)Above the navel- 42 inches.

Sleep: I sleep pretty good now. I don't even need a tums some nights.

What I've been up to the past 2 weeks: We celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday at chuck e cheese and she had a blast! I've been running around trying to get everything done before Brantley comes. All we need for him now is a glider or rocking chair for me to use while breastfeeding.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Talking Tattoos Tuesday Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory. Since I've went through all my tattoos, now I'll be sharing photos I've found online, and the occasional viewer submission when they come in. 

I follow a Facebook page called The Tattoo Page and I've seen some really neat stuff on there. This picture above popped up in my feed one day and I knew I wanted to share it with you all. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Totally Toddler Giveaway Hop Sign Ups

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Mommy's Favorite Things
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"Totally Toddler"
This Blog Hop giveaway is going to be items that are meant for toddlers. Anything from 1-about 6. There are lots of options for finding a prize for this wonderful event. Your only mission is to find the perfect prize pack for your blog!
Because this is a blog hop, each blog will be responsible for securing their own prize on their own blog. Each prize must be a Minimum of $25. The Prize can be sponsored OR you can self sponsor. Each blog can have more than 1 winner, but each winner must win at least $25 in prizes. 
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When: 5/13-5/27
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory and then read below about my seventh tattoo!

Here is my final tattoo! While I plan on getting some work done in the near future, this is the last post of my "art" that I have to share at this time. 

I'm kind of weird and want tattoos in certain places to see how it feels. That was the point in a rib tattoo and was also my point in getting a collar bone tattoo. 

I went back and forth for a while on what I should get. I didn't want something huge that would take a long time, but I wanted something that would have a good meaning since its a tattoo a lot of people will see depending on the shirt I wear. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

#GetGreenForSpring giveaway hop event! 3/25

Welcome to the "Get Green For Spring" Blog Hop Event hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things and Mama's Baby Cupcakes

This hop is focused on items that are either green in color or green/earth friendly for the environment. After you've visited my giveaway, please feel free to use the linky below to see what the other bloggers have to offer. 

Be sure to check out the Grand Prize at Mommy's Favorite Things for a chance to win a $250 Gift Certificate for Cellular Window Shades as seen in the above photo. They offer a great way to keep costs down and look great in the process!

Here at Mama's Baby Cupcakes, I have a great product to give away. NICOmate is a great company that sells Ecigarettes, a good alternative to the common cigarette. 

My father reviewed this product for me and he's seen a big difference so far in his 6 weeks of use. At the age of 65 all other methods to stop smoking failed and luckily NICOmate has helped him transition to a healthier alternative. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lakeon's Pregnancy Journal: Week 34

Doctor Appointments:
Feb. 27--  Just a checkup, everything was fine. I hadn't gained any weight for the last 3 weeks but they didn't seem to be concerned.

March 13-- NEXT APPOINTMENT. (Will be checking cervix)

Food cravings:  ChikFilA cookies and cream milkshake.

Symptoms: I've gotten use to all the pinching and contractions. It doesn't bother me as much to walk for long periods of time now either as long as I have a bottle of water handy. The only things I've had trouble doing now are shaving and trying to put on my shoes.

Weight gain: I've gained 30 pounds.

Measurements: (before pregnancy while standing up, it was 32 inches)
(while lying down)Below the navel- 43 inches.
(while lying down)Above the navel- 40 inches.

Sleep: I still rely on my 2 tums at bedtime for heartburn but other than that, I don't have any complaints.

What I've been up to the past 2 weeks: We've got Brantley's room painted and ready for his arrival. Now, we're looking forward to painting Chloe's room. Brantley's room is red, gray and black (guitar and rock theme) while Chloe's will be light pink, hot pink and black (Paris theme). My baby bag finally came in the mail and I'm almost done with packing bags for the hospital stay.

Friday, March 8, 2013

NICOmate Electronic Cigarettes Review

Thank you NICOmate for the kit to help with this review
NICOmate is the leading researcher, developer, and marketer of premium electronic cigarettes. We offer a true alternative to traditional cigarettes and deliver an innovative product that can be smoked nearly everywhere! For more than 3 years, our company has been rigorously testing and developing products to meet the growing worldwide demand. Today, NICOmate  continues to promote electronic cigarette awareness and deliver the very best product at the most competitive price.

When I got the pitch from NICOmate, I was very excited. My father is 65yrs old and has been a smoker since his early teen years. He has multiple health problems, including his heart and lungs, so smoking has been on his list for years as a MUST STOP. 

My father has tried Chantix, Nicorette Gum, and the Patch. All of them would work for a little while and then slowly his body would get used to the change and he'd find himself back to smoking full time again. 

Since my father is retired and on a limited income, Ecigarettes just wasn't in his budget to buy, especially not knowing if they'd work or not. Since my father is also Dyslexic, I had the starter kit shipped to my home and then a week later he came in to town for a birthday party and it was the perfect time to explain to him how it all works. 

I was so intrigued with how all of this would work. I've never seen something like this in person and I was happily surprised with the over all look. There's another company out there that has black Ecigarettes, but my favorite part about NICOmate is the appearance. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Children and Chores

image found in google search

I've never really thought too much in to "Chores". We always asked our kids to help pick up their toys and stuff but I don't see that as a chore. Its a daily mess that THEY make, so we feel as though they should clean up after themselves. 

After finding out I was pregnant with Macyn in June 2011, we experienced a scare and my whole view of "chores" completely changed. 

About a week after finding out I was pregnant I experienced pains in the evening time on my lower left side. After becoming worried I paged my doctor who then told me to go to the ER because of possible tubal pregnancy or miscarriage. After finding out the baby was ok, I was put on bed rest for 5 weeks because of blood in my uterus. 

At the time Madion was 3 1/2 and McKenzie had just turned 2 so I found it difficult to stay off my feet and maintain a some what clean home so this is kind of where "chores" started. 

Since our kids were so young, I had Madison vacuum as best she could and McKenzie would just help make sure little things were done. Luckily my father stayed with us and that helped. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Infantino "Fresh Squeezed" Line Review

Thank you Infantino for the products to help with this review

Infantino has a line called "Fresh Squeezed" that is just too good to be true! I received the review items at the end of October and couldn't believe how amazing everything looked!

When I first saw the video I posted above, I think my jaw hit the floor. Here we'd been spending so much money on baby food, and I could be making my own with items we normally buy anyway! 

Macyn started oatmeal at 5 1/2 months and by almost 7 months we started baby food. Immediately she could eat a whole plastic container of level 1 baby food. When you purchase a two pack its a little over $1 which seemed ok with us at the time. That quickly changed when she started eating two a day, and then two at each feeding, and then moved up to level 2 and eating two of those a day. With each level of baby food we were spending more money per two pack and it started to get a little out of control. Macyn loved food (and still does) so we were constantly buying baby food and some times even running out with out realizing it. 

The photo above is just a portion of what arrived on my door step and I was so surprised at it all. The thought of being able to take pretty much anything I cook and make it in to baby food was a great thought! This would save us money, I wouldn't have to make special meals for her, and I could have multiple of the same thing ready to go for days at a time. 

From Infantino Facebook page

How amazing it to make literally anything in to a safe substance for your child!?! While we didn't use this for long because of Macyn's age and the want she expressed for solid foods, it truly was a weight off my shoulders. With Madison in Pre-K five days a week, a toddler, and a small baby, preparation time was easy, it was fast, and it was simple. I think my favorite part is that the spoon attaches to the pouch. It's one less step for us moms and you can save what isn't eaten! With jars of baby food, if its not all eaten, the food gets runny from dipping the spoon in and out several times, but being able to save the left overs and use again was a big plus. You can write the date the item was prepared on the back so you don't forget how long its been sitting, and then they also make a great Fridge and Freezer sleeve to help store the pouches while not in use. 
The Steam and Smush part of this collection is a must have in my opinion  While you're cooking veggies for the family, you simply pop this in the microwave, heat everything up, take the vented lid off, and get to mashing! The handle has a special stay cool feature so you can grab it out of the microwave and not worry about burning yourself. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe! Just another great feature about these items. 

With the Peppy Puree you can get your older kids involved in the fun too! I found this to be a great way to make smoothies for the older girls. It's cheaper to do, funner for the kids to watch, and you can make multiple at a time and have for whenever they're ready. My kids aren't huge fans of fruits and veggies at times so mixing them into something they'll drink that tastes great is a good alternative for the picker eater. 

Overall, I loved having the "Fresh Squeezed" Line in our home! I wish it was around 5 years ago for our oldest child because it can truly save money down the road. IF we have another child, this will be the only way to go for us! 

You can find the "Fresh Squeezed" line in stores like Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walmart and Target. Toys R Us website has 9 items available for purchase ranging from $25 and under. If you think about it, you could spend the same amount to purchase just a couple of these items as you would in a month of buying baby food from the store! 

You can also connect with Infantino on their Facebook page or go to their website to learn more about the "Fresh Squeezed" line and videos on the items you see above!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

talkin' tattoos tuesday week 7

Welcome to week 7 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory and then read below about my sixth tattoo!

I had tattoo fever so I set out to decide on my next tattoo. I really wanted something on the ribs because I wanted to know what it felt like to be tattooed in that area. Some how I found out a guy I went to school with for years (but never talked to) was a tattoo artist! After looking at his work on his Facebook page I fell in love with so many of his great pieces and knew I had to get tattooed by him. I was on the hunt for a new tattoo artist after the last one was never finished and done incorrectly, so I figured I'd give Nick a try. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Turning Heads Boutique Monogrammed Wristlet Key Chain Review

Thank you Turning Heads Boutique for the wristlet to help with this review

Keyfobs, Fabric Lanyards, Bag Tags, and.Children's Aprons. All Customized by you to make it personalized, unique and one of a kind. We offer a large selection of fabrics to choose from to appeal to a wide rage of styles.

I LOVE personalized items!!! It's a great way to express personal taste and have a little fun at the same time. 

I wanted to review their Monogrammed Wristlet Key Chain because its a great way to spice up my key ring, but also is a huge benefit because it's an easier way to keep a hold of my keys. 

Madison goes to Pre-K five days a week and when you walk in the church to pick them up you have to walk through the office and show your badge. With two smaller children, the fact that this doubles as a Wristlet is a life saver. I can pop this on my wrist, get the kids out the van, and still have my keys ready to go when I walk in the door. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Mother/Daughters Day!

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a great weekend. I wanted to take the time and share something I did with our two oldest girls yesterday. 

We've been talking about letting Madison, who is 5, get a pedicure. She's wanted to know since the Summer what they are and asked to go with me the couple times I've went since her first interest was shown. 

My husband and I talked last weekend and decided that she was mature enough to try a pedicure, see what its about, and enjoy some girl time. 

Saturday came and as we were getting ready to go, our middle daughter McKenzie, who is almost 4, started to cry and ask why she couldn't go so while I didn't think she would like the experience, I got her ready and we all loaded up in the van and went to my favorite nail salon.

When we got there, McKenzie immediately said no once she saw the water filling up so her and I just got polish changes and Madison got her first pedicure.

Madison did an amazing job at holding still, even while they filed her feet which normally takes all I've got to hold still because it tickles so much. McKenzie couldn't wait to leave so I think this will definitely be a regular thing between Madison and I until McKenzie is older to enjoy it as well.

Friday, March 1, 2013

#undertherainbow giveaway hop event! 3/17

Welcome to the Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop,
hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network

From March 1st-17th, you'll have the chance to win plenty of prizes from over 50 bloggers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  After you enter my giveaway, be sure to hop around to all the other blogs participating in the Event!

What will YOU find Under the Rainbow?!

Today we have two giveaways up for grabs! There will be two Rafflecopter forms and you can enter both if you're interested or just one. I thought it would be easier than having one entry form for both since not everyone will want or need these items. 

Giveaway is open to US only