Thursday, March 7, 2013

Children and Chores

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I've never really thought too much in to "Chores". We always asked our kids to help pick up their toys and stuff but I don't see that as a chore. Its a daily mess that THEY make, so we feel as though they should clean up after themselves. 

After finding out I was pregnant with Macyn in June 2011, we experienced a scare and my whole view of "chores" completely changed. 

About a week after finding out I was pregnant I experienced pains in the evening time on my lower left side. After becoming worried I paged my doctor who then told me to go to the ER because of possible tubal pregnancy or miscarriage. After finding out the baby was ok, I was put on bed rest for 5 weeks because of blood in my uterus. 

At the time Madion was 3 1/2 and McKenzie had just turned 2 so I found it difficult to stay off my feet and maintain a some what clean home so this is kind of where "chores" started. 

Since our kids were so young, I had Madison vacuum as best she could and McKenzie would just help make sure little things were done. Luckily my father stayed with us and that helped. 

Now that our children are 5 1/2 and almost 4, I've found myself expecting more from them. 

Daily chores are feeding the animals, picking up toys, and their art area. I also ask that they dust if its needed, and Madison helps with dishes. I ask her to unload the silverware and stack up plates and such on the table while I wipe down the counters. This is easy on both of us and I can go right behind, put everything up, and start loading the dishwasher. 

Is this too much to ask? I know some parents are anti-chores and some expect a lot more from their children. I feel that chores for free will teach my children that its a part of something you do for the family and to make the house run smoother. 

I am very conflicted about an allowance. I never got an allowance when I was young, but I also got things I wanted at different times. I feel like with an allowance I'm teaching my children a form of bribery. Since we provide everything in our home and try to get them fun things when its deserved, I think that an allowance isn't right for our family. Now when they're teenagers this might change. Mowing the lawn or something more strenuous deserves some type of reward, whether its money to go to the movies on the weekend, or new makeup. 

I fully believe in praising my children when they do things well and I feel that my love is better than money. 

What are your thoughts? 
Do you have an allowance in your home?
What do your children do for chores?


Julie G. said...

i think allowance is a great way for children of a proper age to learn about money and saving and whatnot but i don't think it should be connected to doing chores.

Julie G. said...

chores are a responsibility of the child as a member of the household. i understand paying a kid for doing an extra "job" around the house to earn money but not for regular daily/weekly chores