Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Infantino "Fresh Squeezed" Line Review

Thank you Infantino for the products to help with this review

Infantino has a line called "Fresh Squeezed" that is just too good to be true! I received the review items at the end of October and couldn't believe how amazing everything looked!

When I first saw the video I posted above, I think my jaw hit the floor. Here we'd been spending so much money on baby food, and I could be making my own with items we normally buy anyway! 

Macyn started oatmeal at 5 1/2 months and by almost 7 months we started baby food. Immediately she could eat a whole plastic container of level 1 baby food. When you purchase a two pack its a little over $1 which seemed ok with us at the time. That quickly changed when she started eating two a day, and then two at each feeding, and then moved up to level 2 and eating two of those a day. With each level of baby food we were spending more money per two pack and it started to get a little out of control. Macyn loved food (and still does) so we were constantly buying baby food and some times even running out with out realizing it. 

The photo above is just a portion of what arrived on my door step and I was so surprised at it all. The thought of being able to take pretty much anything I cook and make it in to baby food was a great thought! This would save us money, I wouldn't have to make special meals for her, and I could have multiple of the same thing ready to go for days at a time. 

From Infantino Facebook page

How amazing it to make literally anything in to a safe substance for your child!?! While we didn't use this for long because of Macyn's age and the want she expressed for solid foods, it truly was a weight off my shoulders. With Madison in Pre-K five days a week, a toddler, and a small baby, preparation time was easy, it was fast, and it was simple. I think my favorite part is that the spoon attaches to the pouch. It's one less step for us moms and you can save what isn't eaten! With jars of baby food, if its not all eaten, the food gets runny from dipping the spoon in and out several times, but being able to save the left overs and use again was a big plus. You can write the date the item was prepared on the back so you don't forget how long its been sitting, and then they also make a great Fridge and Freezer sleeve to help store the pouches while not in use. 
The Steam and Smush part of this collection is a must have in my opinion  While you're cooking veggies for the family, you simply pop this in the microwave, heat everything up, take the vented lid off, and get to mashing! The handle has a special stay cool feature so you can grab it out of the microwave and not worry about burning yourself. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe! Just another great feature about these items. 

With the Peppy Puree you can get your older kids involved in the fun too! I found this to be a great way to make smoothies for the older girls. It's cheaper to do, funner for the kids to watch, and you can make multiple at a time and have for whenever they're ready. My kids aren't huge fans of fruits and veggies at times so mixing them into something they'll drink that tastes great is a good alternative for the picker eater. 

Overall, I loved having the "Fresh Squeezed" Line in our home! I wish it was around 5 years ago for our oldest child because it can truly save money down the road. IF we have another child, this will be the only way to go for us! 

You can find the "Fresh Squeezed" line in stores like Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walmart and Target. Toys R Us website has 9 items available for purchase ranging from $25 and under. If you think about it, you could spend the same amount to purchase just a couple of these items as you would in a month of buying baby food from the store! 

You can also connect with Infantino on their Facebook page or go to their website to learn more about the "Fresh Squeezed" line and videos on the items you see above!