Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Wonderful Walls Review "Night Owl Wall Stickers" set for our playroom

Thank you My Wonderful Walls for the wall sticker set to help with this review

My Wonderful Walls is a great company that offers a variety of items to choose from to spruce up a child's area in your home. 

I reviewed two pieces last summer from their canvas wall art collection, and they are still in the girls' rooms and look just as great as they did when they arrived in the mail. When I decided to upgrade the girls' current playroom look, I knew immediately My Wonderful Walls would be my best option because of all their cute stuff! We ultimately got the Night Owl Wall Sticker Set and below are the pictures of before, during, and after the small transformation!

I'm a little disappointed with the decals, but mainly the tree. This set retails on their site for $120 and while I do love how the stickers are made and how they feel, I wish the tree was twice the size as it came. I feel like it makes our wall look bunched up. 

Because the tree was so small, I let our oldest, Madison, choose the placement of the other items so she was involved in the process a bit. She absolutely loves them and thinks the change was a great choice. 

These decals are made from SafeCling fabric so they don't rip or tear and I truly believe they will do well under the stress of small children touching and pulling at them over time. The feeling of the decals reminds me of the inside curtain for your shower. They have the same texture and it worked very well for me. 

Our first set of decals have been there for just shy of two years, so as I tried to get them off the wall today, many MANY items tore. There was no going back if I chose to, so the girls and my sister helped peel it off any way it was willing to come off. They were paper thin and it took me HOURS to put them up. 

I'm happy to say that the new decals from My Wonderful Walls only took about 15 minutes and if I messed up it quickly and easily came back off the wall. At times the stickers felt like they had some type of static force in them because they didn't try to roll in to each other and make a huge mess. I was able to get the tree off the paper with no real issues and it never touched another part of the sticker. 

Overall, I still recommend this company and their nice items. There's so much to choose from for boys, girls, and neutral rooms as well as stencil kits if you're in for more work. 

I know in time I'll get bored with the girls' play room and eventually it will be a new color with some pictures. As they age this room will turn in to a TV/homework room and not have toys all over. Until then, I liked redoing their room and having something new and fun to look at for me and for them.