Friday, March 8, 2013

NICOmate Electronic Cigarettes Review

Thank you NICOmate for the kit to help with this review
NICOmate is the leading researcher, developer, and marketer of premium electronic cigarettes. We offer a true alternative to traditional cigarettes and deliver an innovative product that can be smoked nearly everywhere! For more than 3 years, our company has been rigorously testing and developing products to meet the growing worldwide demand. Today, NICOmate  continues to promote electronic cigarette awareness and deliver the very best product at the most competitive price.

When I got the pitch from NICOmate, I was very excited. My father is 65yrs old and has been a smoker since his early teen years. He has multiple health problems, including his heart and lungs, so smoking has been on his list for years as a MUST STOP. 

My father has tried Chantix, Nicorette Gum, and the Patch. All of them would work for a little while and then slowly his body would get used to the change and he'd find himself back to smoking full time again. 

Since my father is retired and on a limited income, Ecigarettes just wasn't in his budget to buy, especially not knowing if they'd work or not. Since my father is also Dyslexic, I had the starter kit shipped to my home and then a week later he came in to town for a birthday party and it was the perfect time to explain to him how it all works. 

I was so intrigued with how all of this would work. I've never seen something like this in person and I was happily surprised with the over all look. There's another company out there that has black Ecigarettes, but my favorite part about NICOmate is the appearance. 

You have a white Ecigarette, a brown nicotine cartomizer (filter) and then the end glows red as you inhale. When you exhale, a white smoke comes out just like a normal cigarette, but its odorless and doesn't cloud up the area around you. 

When charging this device, you have the option of wall charging, USB charging, or a Car Charger (sold separately.) When plugging in the wall, the USB has to connect to the wall charger and then screwed in to the Ecigarette. The tip glows red until its fully charged and then it turns off. This is a great feature because then you don't have to watch the clock trying to figure out how long it charges. My dad charges his at night and then takes it off in the AM. 

While I know my father likes having this as an option, its just not enough for him. He thought it was at first and seemed to really like it, but just like with other options he's had, over time he feels the need to go back to regular cigarettes. 

This Starter Kit comes with 10 disposable nicotine cartomizers, which is equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes and 300 puffs! This didn't seem to last my father very long and after a week and a half or so I was online helping him order new packs of nicotine cartomizers. 

Retail Value of this NICOmate Ecigarette Starter Kit is $80 and then the cartomizers come in packs of 5 for $12 and free shipping. HUGE draw back to ONLY being able to purchase online is that it told me it could take two weeks to ship and get to my father. While it only took about four days, I don't think you should really have to order so far in advance because of their shipping taking so long. 

Overall, I think this product would work for the average person. If you're determined to quit or try a healthier way to this smoking lifestyle, NICOmate also offers an Ecigarette trial  in which you pay $15 to try the product for two weeks. If you like it, you're than charged an additional $90 which is the equivalent to the deluxe kit model they offer. This kit comes with a car charger and 5 more cartomizers than the basic kit which equals to $27 more if you bought them on top of the basic kit we reviewed.