Monday, March 4, 2013

Turning Heads Boutique Monogrammed Wristlet Key Chain Review

Thank you Turning Heads Boutique for the wristlet to help with this review

Keyfobs, Fabric Lanyards, Bag Tags, and.Children's Aprons. All Customized by you to make it personalized, unique and one of a kind. We offer a large selection of fabrics to choose from to appeal to a wide rage of styles.

I LOVE personalized items!!! It's a great way to express personal taste and have a little fun at the same time. 

I wanted to review their Monogrammed Wristlet Key Chain because its a great way to spice up my key ring, but also is a huge benefit because it's an easier way to keep a hold of my keys. 

Madison goes to Pre-K five days a week and when you walk in the church to pick them up you have to walk through the office and show your badge. With two smaller children, the fact that this doubles as a Wristlet is a life saver. I can pop this on my wrist, get the kids out the van, and still have my keys ready to go when I walk in the door. 

As you can see, its not much bigger than my keys which is another great plus. It's not bulky so it doesn't take up a lot of room, and I can easly shove the whole thing in my pocket if need be. Since they're made out of 100% cotton this makes them flexible and very comfortable to wear on the wrist. 

These Wristlets measure approximately 10 inches all the way around and come in different styles than Zebra print. Getting these peronalized is no extra charge and you can choose from a variety of colors to fit your personal taste. They also use high quality nickel for the all items which gives it a nice clean look as well. 

Not only does Turning Heads Boutique offer keychains, but they also carry children's aprons, lanyards, and discounted prices for sets of keychains. You can choose from sports options for your kids and even get their team number on the item as well to make it just that much more special. 

The keychain I reviewed retails for $8.50 and ranges in price depending on your options and if you'd like a mini version which is $1 less. The lanyards retail for $15 and then there's an $18 option for medical fabric for the special nurses, doctors, and EMT's in our lives. 

Overall, I'm really happy I got a chance to work with Turning Heads Boutique and I'll be a future purchaser as well. I think these would make great gifts on a budget for loved ones, and each item comes individually wrapped and ready to hand over to special person. 

You can connect with Turning Heads Boutique on their Etsy page as well as their Facebook page!