Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jack and Lily Shoes for Spring

Thank you Jack & Lily for the shoes to help with this review
Jack & Lily is a shoe company for babies and toddlers based in British Columbia. They're currently sold in 24 countries and carry sizes 0-30 months in shoes and boots.

While I have "Spring" in the title, I got these shoes at the end of January. I had wanted some cute shoes for Macyn that could go with just about any outfit and I had that "Mary Jane" type shoe in my head. When Macyn first got these shoes she wasn't walking yet so I didn't want to mess with tennis shoes. I wanted something cute and easy to slip on her feet, but at the same time I wanted to know she would be comfortable. 

I fell in love with both pair of shoes you see above, and am so lucky that Jack and Lily happily agreed to send BOTH for review! I had a pair of their adorable leopard boots that I posted about in November and after a while I had a hard time getting them on her even though I knew they should have still fit, so I decided more simple shoes would be faster, easier, and she'd still look super cute. 

By the time the shoes got here and we started using them on a daily basis she was learning to take steps as well. At first she was unsure of walking with shoes on and how odd it felt so she would crawl instead. As you can see on the black velvet bow shoes, she actually rubbed some of the material off the bows by crawling on the carpet. After that moment I made sure to take off the shoes while at home to ensure they last. 

The Silver Glitter shoes I think are my favorite! Depending on the light (and you can tell in the above photo) the little pieces shine different colors so you can't go wrong with pairing these shoes with a cute outfit. They look so casual with a pair of jeans, but also go great with a dress. She's able to walk in her shoes great and she loves the bows on these. I have to watch that she doesn't tug on the bows too hard while in her carseat, but other than that it's another win with Jack and Lily shoes! 

I'm really happy with these shoes, how they've held up so far, and I'm looking forward to the nice Spring weather so we can put those nice hard soles to use! Macyn's never experienced walking outside since its been cold and snowy so Spring will be a whole new world for our baby girl.

Jack & Lily carries three different types of items on their site and I'm going to show you some examples below with a little info on each section!
Their "Originals" section features light weight, breathable leather shoes with a durable sole and easy elastic band to fit around the ankle. This ensures an easy fit but enough to stay on the foot and they carry dozens of different designs on multiple sizes for $30 a pair.

The "Shoes" section is just that, SHOES! Coming in multiple sizes, these shoes come with two different soles. 0-6 months is suede bottoms with two pieces of non slip to help with baby's developing feet, and then any size bigger has their normal sole. They offer shoes with more of a normal look with the appearance of laces, all the way up to sandals and this section also retails for $30 a pair. 

Last but not least is their "Boots" section. Here you'll find 13 pairs to choose from, all having the same features like the indoor/outdoor sole, faux fur, and velcro is on each one and they retail for $36 a pair. 

Jack & Lily offers some amazing items on their website and I encourage you to check them out for yourself to see if you can find something you like. I'm a little mixed about the price because I can go to Payless and find boots for ME for the same price kids shoes are hard to come by when you're looking for a good pair that can last for months and months and still look brand new after all that wear and tear.

Jack & Lily also offers free shipping for orders $50 and over!