Friday, May 31, 2013

JP Lizzy's Watermelon Satchel Diaper Bag Review

Thanks JP Lizzy for the review item to help with this post

Born from a new mom’s need for practicality blended with a passion for style, JP Lizzy products enable women to choose the look they love with a bag that meets the demands of their busy lives.

When I saw this Watermelon Satchel Diaper Bag on the JP Lizzy website, I fell in love!! It has my two favorite things, hot pink and animal print! I felt it was perfect timing because we'd found out about baby #4 and we also have Macyn who just turned 1 in February. 

While we don't go a whole bunch of places during the week, when my husband is off on the weekends, we can be gone from the house for hours and hours. Spending time together as a family can be great, but with a small child this means preparing for multiple situations and possibilities that could arise while you're out for the day. 

I really like that this bag isn't too big against my body and can work for a purse or stuffed full of kids' items. The first time I used the bag it was just for quick trip to Target, but I couldn't help myself and had to do a test run. I only had a couple diapers and wipes (always stays in the bag) but I also decided to take Macyn's cup to test out that feature as well on the inside. 

I like the adjustable piece for the cups because you can size the pocket to ensure it doesn't fall over or come out while sitting in your vehicle. While I haven't had to use the changing pad that also comes with it, I know I will in time. Public restrooms never have plastic to place on the baby changers like they do some toilet seats and I think its weird to change babies on them unless its absolutely needed. 

This past weekend we went out for the day and I took a lot of stuff with us. As you can see in the picture below, there's a full size box of wipes, extra pants for Macyn, diapers, her cup, my wallet, and my keys (while not in use). While the wipes were a little much, over all it was still easy to use and carry. 

I know when the baby arrives in December, I'll be able to truly use this diaper bag to its full potential. With having a newborn and 22 month old toddler, a bag this size will be a must! With Indiana weather, you can never fully predict how winters will go so I'll need options when we're away from home and this bag will make that possible! 

This particular bag is available on the JP Lizzy website for $78. Shipping sounds steep at $12 for a flat rate box, but this isn't something you can just fold and shove in a tiny box. 

Some other features of this bag are as follows:
  • Wipeable faux leather exterior fabric
  • Wipeable liner
  • Magnetic closure
  • Large zippered interior pocket
  • 2 open interior pockets
  • 2 adjustable interior bottle pockets
  • 2 exterior side pockets
  • Dimensions: 11″h x 15″w x 6″d
  • The Satchel bag style is available in 7 colors

Below is a couple more bags available for purchase on the JP Lizzy website!

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