Friday, May 17, 2013

Kolcraft ® Preferred Position™ 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper Review

Thanks Kolcraft for the review item to help with this post
Kolcraft started in Chicago in 1946 when Leo Koltun made playpen pads out of cotton batting and oilcloth covers for post World War II babies.

This bassinet retails for $140 on the Kolcraft website, and is designed for children up to 3 months of age OR 15 pounds. Once your child can push themselves up on their hands and knees, you should no longer continue use. With this being a 2-in-1, your child can sleep at an incline with the incline sleeper attachment, and then once they're older, you simply remove it and they sleep flat. The canopy also features three adjustable angles, depending on your preferred visibility. 

Also, you can convert this to a rocking bassinet (as seen below) and also includes the Light Vibes attachment to play soothing music for your baby as well as a soft glow light for an easy check on your sleeping bundle. 

With a mobile hanging from the canopy, your baby will be entertained by the sweet bears hanging down as they drift off to sleep or are just waking up in the morning. 

 When I received the bassinet and took everything out of the box, it was a bit overwhelming. But, I was actually surprised at how EASY it was to put together (even at 9 months pregnant). I only looked at the instructions twice to make sure I was doing everything right. Once the bassinet was put together, I immediately fell in love. The pictures do not do justice, because it's beautiful in person. The neutral colors are great for a boy or girl and it has a classy look to it.

Brantley's favorite feature of this bassinet is the vibration. I love that it automatically times out and turns off after a few minutes so the batteries won't die if accidentally left on at night. My first favorite feature is the glow light attachment. It's a soft enough light that if baby loses the pacifier during the night, you can find it and not blind you and baby with a bright light. Another favorite feature of mine is the fact that the sleeper is inclined. Brantley sleeps much better inclined in this bassinet than lying flat on his back. This feature would be great for those babies with acid reflux and spit up problems. Lastly, I'm a huge fan of the bassinet being able to convert from rolling on wheels to a rocker so easily. It's as simple as pushing the rocker part down over the wheels. That's it!! I haven't found anything I dislike about this product. The songs it plays are sweet and relaxing, the basket under the bassinet is great for blanket storage and the 3 little bear mobile adds a nice touch.

In my opinion, the Kolcraft ® Preferred Position™ 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper is worth the price you pay. I'm so pleased with this product and I'm excited that I was able to review it for Kolcraft.