Thursday, June 20, 2013

Funky Fluff Cloth Diaper Review

Thank you Funky Fluff for the diaper to help with this review

FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC. was founded by two long time friends, Kathy Bello and Tricia Corda. We are a small Canadian home based business and a team of two moms located in Toronto, Ontario. We are both cloth diapering mommas and each of us has two boys who are almost the same age!

From the first time I heard about Funky Fluff, I fell in love with the above birds print. I was so happy when Funky Fluff agreed to a review of this fabulous looking diaper! With the gender of baby #4 still unknown at this point, I was excited to get such a neutral diaper that I could use in the future no matter if we have another girl or are blessed with a boy. 

Macyn is 16 months old and currently weighs about 24 lbs. I was really surprised at how nice and soft the soakers are, and how nice the diaper looks in person. This diaper is made to fit children 7-35lbs and has three rise settings and hip snaps to prevent wing droop. With each diaper you also get TWO soakers. One is for small settings and light wetters with 3 layers of microfiber and 1 layer of stay dry fabric, while the other is for older children and the heavy wetters they become with 4 layers of microfiber and 1 layer of stay dry fabric.

As you can see above, with Macyn's body type and size she's currently at the second to last snap for hips and then it comes in to meet right in the center. I'm a little worried since she's so far out on the hip snap, but I can see this fitting another 10lbs or more. The middle snap you see above, is where the soaker snaps in to the diaper. There's also a second snap on the back for the soaker to also attach a second time. 

I know of a couple diapers that be used as an AI2 or pocket diaper, but this is the only diaper that I know of that can be used THREE ways! This diaper is perfect for people that are new to the cloth diapering world and would like to try different styles without spending $15/diaper. 

All In Two (AI2) diapers are fabulous. You simply lay the insert in the diaper and then with each diaper change, you use the same cover with new inserts until soiled with poo. This means you can buy less diapers and apply the money toward more inserts. 

Pocket Diapers are just that, pockets! You insert the soaker fully in to the sleeve, snap at one of the ends to keep it in place, and then go about your day until next change. You then change the whole diaper and move on to the next. With Funky Fluff's soakers, they come out in the wash, so there's no need to touch the dirty soaker. 

All in One Diapers are very convenient and another favorite of many. With Funky Fluff's system, you simply put the soaker in the pocket, snap BOTH ends to the diaper and that's it. You can leave it exactly how it is and it will wash clean. My favorite feature of this is that you can take the soaker out every now and then to ensure it's extra clean, or to give it extra TLC where as normal All In One diapers you can't because its all sewn in to one and there's no way to get inside. 

Overall, I think Funky Fluff is a new favorite in this house! 

You can purchase the Stay Dry 3-in-1 System for $20.45/diaper. 
You also have the option to purchase the Bamboo 3-in-1 System for $22.40/diaper
There's 17 color options available, with 2 patterns (owls & bubbles)
Extra soakers range in price depending on size and regular or bamboo.
Shipping is another plus at $10 flat rate or FREE over purchases of $60!

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