Monday, June 17, 2013

Lakeon's Boba Carrier 3G Review

Thank you Boba for the carrier to help with my review

"We started Boba because we believed Freedom Together with your kids is possible and we wanted to share that passion with parents around the world. We care about children, and we extend that caring to our customers every day through unrivaled quality products and outstanding customer support. Our products are designed, considering the needs of the child, mother, and father."

 The Boba Carrier 3G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind! Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier may be converted to a newborn carrier without an infant insert or any additional items and used well into toddlerhood. Their ergonomic design, patent-pending foot straps, and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.

I'm a mom that's new to the baby-wearing world and with all the carriers, slings and wraps out there, it could be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are the best and safest for baby. I've bought a total of 3 different baby carriers and none of them can compare to the Boba Carrier 3G

I was a bit concerned with how the Boba would fit me since I'm rather short at only 5'3. But, this carrier can be adjusted to fit almost any adult.
  • Weight Range: 7-45lbs
  • Waist Belt: 25”-58”
  • Fits Adults: 5’0”-6’3”
  • Shoulder strap length: 20”to 40”
The Boba is much faster to put on than wraps or slings. Who wants to spend 5 minutes in the parking lot trying to suit up in a wrap or sling? Not this mama. I adjusted the Boba to my size and all I had to do is click together a couple of buckles and I'm on my way.

Since I have a little one who loves being carried around, the Boba has helped me get so much housework done while having a happy little one snuggled up close to mommy. Speaking of getting things done, who has tried to shop for groceries with a baby whom wants to be held? It could get rather stressful holding a baby, pulling a buggy and finding the groceries you need for your family but, with the Boba Carrier, you are able to have 2 free hands again plus a happy baby.

One thing I loved about the Boba is how comfy it is to wear. With padding in the shoulders and around the waist, it makes carrying even a 36 pound 4 year old easy and comfortably.

Listed below are all the amazing features the Boba Carrier 3G has to offer!

This particular Boba baby carrier retails from $120.00 to $125.00 and can be found at