Wednesday, June 12, 2013

michelle's pregnancy journal: week 14

Doctor Appointments:
June 12: Next appt (14 weeks) TODAY  
June 12 appt was moved to last Wednesday (June 5) due to constant headaches
June 26 (16 weeks)
July 25 (Gender Scan)

Baby Names:
Mya Sue or Caden Gregory 

Food cravings:
I think my food intake has went down a lot. I still want Taco Bell but we make tacos at home and then in the last week I've ate a whole 5lb sack of potatoes by myself. Baked potatoes with ranch... MMMMM!

I hadn't had any symptoms other than my food cravings. It's been a very easy pregnancy so far. 

Weight gain:
10 week starting weight: 225lb
13 week weight: 228lb. (I truly don't know how I gained 3lbs)

Gender prediction tests: 
Child's hairline-[Girl]
Intelligender (at 10w1d)-[Secret!]
Chinese Calendar From BabyCenter-[Boy]
High heartbeat (at 10w1d)-[Girl] 
Heart Beat is now in mid 140s compared to 170s at 10w

Since my 12 week update, I no longer sleep comfortably. Along with allergies, I'm getting up at least once a night to go pee and then again around 6am or so. I've also started getting back pain from sleeping on our very old mattress that we say we'll replace and never do! I just started having some Sciatic Nerve pain as well. Each pregnancy it happens sooner and sooner and its only while pregnant so I knew it would pop up in time.