Wednesday, June 26, 2013

michelle's pregnancy journal: week 16

Doctor Appointments:
June 26 (16 weeks) Today!
July 25 (20 weeks & Gender Scan) 

Baby Names:
Mya Sue or Caden Gregory 

Food cravings: I've wanted Taco Bell for a long LONG time so that was our lunch today after my appt ;) I also have a craving for my mom's no bake cookies and my grandmother's mints (like the kinds at wedding and stuff) Hopefully I'll get both at my gender reveal party, lol

No real symptoms. Last Wednesday as I was blogging late at night I was able to feel baby taps several times because I was being so still with the lap top on my legs. 

Weight gain:
10 week weight: 225lb
13 week weight: 228lb
16 week weight: 230lb

Gender prediction tests: 
Child's hairline-[Girl]
Intelligender (at 10w1d)-[Secret!]
Chinese Calendar From BabyCenter-[Boy]
High heartbeat (at 10w1d)-[Girl] 
Heart Beat is now in mid 140s compared to 170s at 10w

Since my 12 week update, I no longer sleep comfortably. While I don't get up every night to use the bathroom, I have to make sure its the very last thing I do when I know for certain I'm laying down to sleep. Some nights I can sleep through until 5-6am so that's a plus for me


Melissa G said...

Is that a rub on tattoo or sticker on your belly? Or a computer image? If tattoo/ sticker how cool!

Michelle and Lakeon said...

Hello Melissa,
The 16 weeks is a sticker via and then I do have a tattoo but you can barely see it because of my shirt :)