Thursday, June 13, 2013

Neater Feeder: Food Bowls for Animals Review

Thanks Neater Feeder for the review item to help with this post

I first saw the Neater Feeder on another blogger site. I entered to win one and didn't think anymore about it. Then after seeing our toddler slip in the water mess time and time again, Neater Feeder was brought back to my attention. I showed the website to my husband, we discussed it, and I decided I'd try to get one to review. 

Here's what we were using before the Neater Feeder. The mat is just something my dad found from the the dollar store, and the bowls are the simple cheap ones you can find at Wal-Mart. We weren't really fancy when it came to what our dog ate out of but my dad insisted the mat was a good idea. 

Fast forward to when we got our German Shepherd and I'm glad we had the mat. It helped with some of the water mess we faced on a daily basis, but it didn't resolve the issue entirely of nothing getting on the actual floor of our kitchen. 

Here is the wonderful Neater Feeder for Large dogs. If you look in the right picture, you can see our little dog with her tiny bowl just on the carpet. 

I was really anxious to try this out because Hayley hasn't gotten any better when it comes to slowing down and eating food like a normal dog. She's 13 months old and weighs about 60 lbs and she has no concept of slow or taking her time to enjoy what's in front of her.

I had her in the cage while I got everything ready so she wasn't under my feet, and then once it was all set up and I took the nice pictures above, my husband let her out and she ran right to the Neater Feeder and started chomping away. Check out the video below as I captured it on camera. 

My flash was a little crazy below, but you can see a couple pieces of food in the drop tray. She always cleans up after herself with the crumbs, but this is so much better than her chasing them on the kitchen floor as she tries to eat them. When she drinks water it flies everywhere since she's a big dog and the tray does an amazing job at catching the water and putting it below for me to dump at a later time. Now if I could just get her to realize not to turn with water dripping down her face, we'd have a dry floor all the time, HEHE

Our little dog had to get used to reaching up to get water and this was a big change for her. When I decided to get the large Neater Feeder I didn't even think about our Jack Russel/Dachshund mix and her not being able to reach the water bowl. Instead of giving her a special bowl, I made her realize that she could do it (with a little effort) and she doesn't have any issues now. Well, if the bowl is low on water than she can't get to it but she just flips her nose on the bowl, it clangs, and then we get her more. Easy fix!

Our younger cat also finds the Neater Feeder interesting. While this picture is just him sniffing around since its a new item, he uses it on a regular basis as well as our other cat. Since the cat food and their water is upstairs, I can see them a couple times a week using this to grab a quick drink while lounging with the family on the main floor. Since the front is open so wide, they just place their feet on the catch tray and brace themselves there to drink. 

The Neater Feeder is available on their website in three different sizes and then a cat version. You can choose from a Bronze color or the Cranberry color I've shown above. You can also get leg extensions if you have a tall dog and need the height to be even more than the basic model. 

Prices range from $34.99-$65.98 
Handy size chart to help you with how much each size holds for food & water
They also offer a store locator to see if you can find a Neater Feeder locally

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