Monday, June 3, 2013

Piggy Paint Kids Nail Polish Blog Review

Thanks Piggy Paint for the review item to help with this post

Piggy Paint was born after the creator dropped some kids polish on a foam plate and the polish ate through to make a hole. The difference was solvent based polishes vs water based and Piggy Paint was on its way to creation to ensure the safest polish available for children. 

I've known about Piggy Paint for a while and was intrigued with their concept. I always wondered if there was really kid safe polish out there. I've never been much of a fan with painting our daughters' finger nails but their toes are almost always painted, even from a young newborn age. I knew Piggy Paint was something that needed to be tried to see if their brand was all its made out to be. 

These above colors are pretty perfect for us. Our 5 1/2 yr old loves anything pink, our 4 yr old loves anything purple, and then our youngest wears whatever I put on her since she's only 1, hehe. 

I spent one weekend painting all three girls' nails, ensuring they looked as amazing as possible, and it was quite the feat! I love how they turned out though...

Even though I was surprised McKenzie wanted blue, it works so well for her and her personality. I'm not a huge fan of this shade of pink because it took several coats to apply, and if I wasn't careful you could see streak marks and then I'd have to try to go over it again. The blue and purple were the easiest to apply because they both only needed one coat to look like this and with our 1 yr old, that was a great thing. She did not want to hold still and this picture was taken just a few minutes after painting. Afterward she crawled around on the floor and while I was sure she smudged all the purple off, I looked to see that it was already dry and she was able to continue on her way without being forced to sit here and let them dry more. 

The shade of pink above was originally what they sent with the blue and purple. I thought the paint had some how dried around the seal and after a couple minutes of trying and trying to get the cap off, it broke apart and I was left with a useless bottle. I emailed Piggy Paint and was immediately sent the other shade of pink for replacement even though I requested to get this same shade again because I loved it so much.

Our three shades were Pinkie Promise, Sea-Quin, and Groovy Grape. The broken polish color is LOL and one I plan on adding to our collection in the future. 

Piggy Paint polish is available on their website for $8.99 per bottle. They also offer package deals and occasionally you'll find colors on sale. 

They also have a retailers section on their website so you can try to find local stores in your area to purchase the colors in store and be able to see them in person. Most locations are Walmart, but each store varies their stock, so the only way to truly ensure to get the colors you want is to order online directly from Piggy Paint. 

Besides nail polish, Piggy Paint also offers polish remover, nail stickers, pedicure kits, and even Puppy Paint. That's right, safe nail polish for dogs. 


Ashley-Raye said...

So cute!! I've been wanting to get some of this to try on my daughter. She is almost 14 months and loves my painted toes (always pointing at them and touching them, LOL). I NEED some Piggy Paint!