Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pregnancy: How to Deal with Nausea

With each pregnancy comes the expected nausea and possibly vomiting. Of course we all know this isn't the fun part, but have you ever looked at it the other way around? Nausea and vomiting can be a great sign that the baby is growing, doing well, and thriving in the womb of love you've created. 

With my first daughter, I had no idea I was pregnant. I had no early symptoms (that I could tell) and didn't realize I was pregnant until it dawned on me my period was extremely late and I later tested. I rarely got sick, and the couple times I did it was from brushing my teeth and hitting a sensitive gag reflux. 

One year after the birth of our first daughter and newly pregnant with baby #2, I was the complete opposite. I was sick all the time in the morning for my whole first trimester, on top of taking care of a 12 month old, I thought it would never end! I didn't really know of anything to take to help me, so I just delt with it, and always made sure I was close to a bathroom. 

With baby #3 I was a mix of my first two pregnancies. I was nauseous a lot BUT this time I had a secret weapon. I did a blog review for Three Lollies with their preggie drops and they helped me so much! Each morning I would pop one in my mouth and then I'd be good to go. I had a few days of needing multiple drops, but I never once got sick and I'm very proud of that! ;)

Here we are at pregnancy #4. I've had almost no real symptoms this time around. I've only experience nausea a handful of times and my preggie drops quickly helped me address the issue. I've never gotten sick and never really been close to feeling like I would except two times. 

With each of my pregnancies having their own flow, it's made me realize how lucky I am. With this, I also wondered how others deal with the sickness and maybe some tips to help feel better when things like pregnancy suckers don't happen to work for others. 

I asked on my blog's Facebook page for fans to suggest things that helped them during their pregnancies and how they go relief. Luckily I got some answers and figured I'd share with you all since I don't have much to share since I found something fast that helps me. 

  • Christina C: Seabands, only thing that worked for me.
  • Shelley D: cayenne pepper as a seasoning.
  • Ashley J: Canada dry. I drank it like it was going out of style.
  • Ashley M: The only thing that helps me is my diclectin prescription.
  • Tracy B: sour, sour, sour and more sour!

I'd love to hear from you all as you read this post and let me know what helped YOU! You might help someone else with your comments


Forgetful Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how each of your own pregnancies can be so different? I'm on baby #3, morning (all day) sickness has gotten worse with each pregnancy for me.
My mother-in-law had no sickness. I wish I didn't but at least before baby is moving around a lot I know all is well. :-)