Friday, June 7, 2013

Priti NYC Nail Polish Review

Thank you Priti NYC for the polishes to help with my review

Known among beauty insiders as the pioneering leader in luxury eco-friendly nail polish, the quick success and notoriety of PRITI NYC can be attested to it's founder, Kim D'amato. The idea behind PRITI NYC came alive during her pregnancy. D'amato made a conscious effort to switch to organic foods and health products, yet couldn't seem to find a way to beautify herself in the same natural manner.
In 2005, D'amato launched PRITI NYC with one simple mission: to support organic farmers and to decrease the amount of chemicals poisoning the Earth- and it's inhabitants- one manicure at a time.

While Priti NYC has many polishes to choose from, I was interested in their children's line of polish called Priti Princess. The Priti Princess collection is also non-toxic, free of Toulene, Formaldehyde, and DBP, and safe for kids of all ages. Another cute feature of this collection is that all the names are after Princess movies! 

We picked out Red Riding Hood Cape, Rainbow Fish, and Witches Kiss for our review purposes.

Our oldest daughter Madison had graduation from Pre-K and I knew Red Riding Hood Cape would be a perfect fit for her toes. Her class was all given the same dark red shirt to wear and asked to wear jeans/skirts so of course she had to have new pretty shoes to go with her outfit.

This polish is so pretty! There's a touch of shimmer in the polish (as seen in their stock photo) and that is Madison's favorite feature. She normally prefers pink tones on her feet, but was surprised at this shade and enjoyed it more than I assumed she would. I have a hard time keeping polish on Madison's toes for an extended amount of time and this lasted about 4 days before chipping. That for us is pretty much a record excect the one time she's had a real pedicure at a salon. I did two coats of polish but could've got away with one coat and had no issues. 

Witches Kiss was a big let down to me. It doesn't say on their site that its a clear polish with glitter bits so when I went to put this on our 4 yr old I was quite surprised. I'm not a fan of clear polish with sparkles and glitter in it because it never comes off the brush right. To help make it spread like in the picture I tapped the brush over the nail vs the normal way of swiping is across the nail. Our daughter likes it because its purple, but she's not the best at holding still so this was difficult for me. I prefer something that's quick, easy, and does the job the first time so I can hurry and be done. 

Rainbow Fish happened to be the same thing as Witches Kiss. When I saw the stock photo online I fell in love with it because the bright colors but didn't expect the issues I had. 

Madison shockingly decided to choose black for her toe nails so I thought this would be a good time to use Rainbow Fish and test how easy/hard the sparkles are to see. 

I'm happy with the over all look once they're done, but it was hard to get the sparkles on the nail. If you dip it and swipe on the nail like normal, I got about 2-3 sparkles at a time. I decided that I would dip the tip of the brush and tap the flakes on her nails to ensure they were placed well. One of her littler toes didn't get any sparkles when brushed on so I had no choice but to tap those on. 

I decided to test Rainbow Fish out on my thumb to see how long it would take me to get a good full coat of sparkles. On the left you'll see after I used both sides of the brush only being dipped one time and how there's a gap in the middle. The right side you'll see a more even coating and this was accomplished after about 8 dips. 

Overall, I think this polish is well suited for when you want to add a little extra to a some what plain polish color. It does feel like a true clear top coat on my thumb and I do like that I don't feel the flakes when I touch my nail. I've had past polishes where I would snag shirts or blankets because of the chips in them so its nice to know that I don't have to take the time to add a clear coat and that I can let it dry and be on my way. 

I did have a hiccup with my first bottle of Red Riding Hood Cape. As you can see in the photo above, the first time I took the cap off the brush didn't come with it. I tried to take the brush and push it back inside the cap and it wouldn't stay. When I emailed about the issue I was asked to use another brush from another polish but after expressing how I would have to constantly clean the brush and cap and how it just over all didn't make sense, they were fine with shipping a new bottle. 

Priti Princess Collection of polishes all retail for $9 per bottle. 
Each bottle is about half the size of their "adult" colors which retail for $13.50. 
PRITI NYC polishes are 5 Free & Vegan, completely non-toxic, and are free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor - all known carcinogenic ingredients.

I'm iffy on recommending Priti NYC because on one hand I love the red polish and would wear it myself, but on the other hand their website gave no warning that my other two selections were just clear polishes with sparkles in them. I do like other colors on their site, but the price is a little hard for me with the experience I've had thus far. 

You can connect with Priti NYC on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. 


Jenny K said...

Seems to be a little pricey to me for all the problems you had! Pretty colors though and I do love non-toxic!

Kristen said...

Are the adult versions non-toxic as well?

I remember using sparkly polish as a teen and always having the same issues. I wonder if it is even possible to make a sparkly polish that goes on evenly.

Melanie Scout said...

I remember having that trouble with sparkly polish when I was younger too...and I've had the top come off without the brush attached so many times. Oh, the troubles of being female! ;)

Amber said...

You're supposed to apply glitter polish with a makeup sponge. :) You protect the cuticle area, brush it on the sponge, then dab it on the nail, like when you do a gradient design. This makes the glitter come out solid and bright. <3