Monday, July 29, 2013

Frecklebox Review & "Off To School We Go" Grand Prize Sponsor

Thank you Frecklebox for the folders & notebooks to help with this review
Frecklebox is on a mission to educate and entertain. So we conceived this here web-based business to offer truly unique, personalized gifts for kids at affordable prices. The site makes it quick and easy to customize each item so it prominently features the name of the child who will receive the gift.

Madison starts Kindergarten this year! Unfortunately we won't know most of her school list until a couple days before she starts, but luckily they have a general list on their website of some basic things needed for the school year. Among the list was a spiral bound note book and three folders, so I knew this was the perfect opportunity to work with Frecklebox! 

When shopping on the Frecklebox website, you'll find that they have a very large selection to choose from. There's almost 100 boy and girl folders to choose from with just about any design you can think of. Each folder has a width of 9" (18" when open) and then they're 12" in height. Each folder is easily personalized with the name of your child, and there's even a "preview" feature (like I did in the images above) so you can see just how the name would look and where it would go on the item.

The butterfly image above is Madison's spiral bound notebook. 

Each notebook contains 50 pages of quality lined paper and the covers are printed on a gloss cover and protected with a 5mil lamination. They've even rounded the outer corners to try to make them a little safer for young kids to handle! Each notebook is also 11" tall 8.5" wide. 

I also opted to get McKenzie one folder and notebook out of fairness and the fact that she will be entering Pre-K this year. While she won't need these items for school, I thought it would still be fun for her since she too is starting a new chapter in her life and the beginning of some independence. 

Both girls picked out their own folders and notebooks and very much enjoyed the process of looking around. While McKenzie knew she wanted dinosaurs immediately, Madison scrolled through the sections multiple times to narrow it down to just the 4 items I show cased above. 

On the Frecklebox website you'll find their folders retailing for $4.95 a piece and then the notebooks retail for $9.95 a piece. All together our 4 folders and 2 notebooks were $39.70+$7.95 for shipping. 

I'm on the fence when it comes to pricing for Frecklebox. While everything adds up quickly, its great quality and more personal because your child's name is printed right on each item. I could easily go to the store and get items like the ones above for cheaper, but they won't look so nice and be personalized like what Frecklebox offers. My favorite thing about these is that I'm not relying on stickers or writing in items to claim them as my child's property. Stickers come off over time or fade, but with these products I know that she'll be able to use them the whole year and they'll look just as great on her last day as when she's sent to school with them the first day!

Another favorite from Frecklebox is that they offer whole collections of items so your child can have everything matching. With items like personalized school folders, notebooks, binders, clipboards, lunch boxes and more, they offer a fun way to show off your child's personality, while still needing the necessities school requires!

Frecklebox has so generiously offered one winner a $30 Gift Code to their site. 
Join us starting August 5 and enter to win the Grand Prize in which Frecklebox will be featured, along with other items to get your children ready for a new school year!