Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 18

Doctor Appointments:
July 25 (20 weeks & Gender Scan) 

Baby Names:
Mya Sue or Caden Gregory 

Food cravings: 
No real major cravings the last couple weeks. I think my body is finally settling down and getting used to the change. 

Since week 15 I've been having some hip pain. I didn't think too much of it at first so I didn't mention it at my 16 week check up, however its still there. Its right in the joint and has went from just my right hip, to both hips, to also my low back. Part of me thinks it could be the weight gain I've already put on since I'm a heavy set woman anyway, 5lbs is a lot for my body. I'm anxious to ask the Dr about it at my next check up and see what his suggestions could be for some relief. 

Weight gain:
10 week weight: 225lb
13 week weight: 228lb
16 week weight: 230lb

Gender prediction tests: 
Child's hairline-[Girl]
Intelligender (at 10w1d)-[Secret!]
Chinese Calendar From BabyCenter-[Boy]
High heartbeat (at 10w1d)-[Girl] 
Heart Beat is now in mid 140s compared to 170s at 10w

Since my 12 week update, I no longer sleep comfortably. I get up every night, at least twice to go to the bathroom. Since my hips hurt me so much, this also plays a roll of my tossing and turning and not sleeping as well as I could be


Alex said...

Love the baby names!!!