Tuesday, July 16, 2013

talkin' tattoos tuesday: week 22

Welcome to week 22 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory. Since I've went through all my tattoos, now I'll be sharing photos I've found online, and the occasional viewer submission when they come in. 

Last week I mentioned this form of sign language as a potential wrist tattoo, so after I wrote that post I searched the lovely Google and found MANY of these same symbol tattoos. 

My husband and children love to do the ILY symbol to eachother and my husband and even do it on occasion. It's a nice way to get that last expression out before you separate from that loved one, and as I write this post I'm growing more fond of the idea of having this as a tattoo. 

If I get this tattoo on my wrist, I'd hope my husband and children would see is as an endearing gesture and again, it also serves the purpose of yet another meaning behind a tattoo of mine. 

I don't feel this post really went anywhere this week except to share yet another idea I might have for the future :)