Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Review and #HauntedHalloween Grand Prize Sponsor Spotlight

Founded in 1999, has grown to become the #1 online Halloween costume and accessory retailer this side of Transylvania. Actually, we're the #1 online costume retailer anywhere, since we sell costumes for kids and adults (dogs, too), for year-round fun, not just Halloween. We also sell party supplies and coordinated decorations for every type of party imaginable. If you can imagine it, we probably have partyware for it. So, if you thought we were just about costumes, think again. We just might surprise you.

When looking around the website, I wasn't sure what I was looking for but knew I wanted to get Macyn another costume like I did last year. We reviewed their beautiful Baby Bloom costume last year and Macyn looked so adorable in it! While it was a little too big for our petite baby girl, I knew this Halloween we'd have a better chance at her fitting in to the age appropriate costume. 

When I saw the Little Kitty infant/toddler costume you see above, it immediately caught my eye. I saved the page and continued to look around, but ultimately came back to the kitty because I knew it was perfect for Macyn! She is obsessed with our two cats and always yells "kitty" at them and runs to bet them so this costume is a great fit for her personality. 

While she didn't want to sit still for me to take pictures, I was able to get a couple good shots from the several dozen I took. When I first put this costume on she freaked out and started screaming, so I quickly took her to the mirror and she loved her reflection!

Once she calmed down after realizing the costume wouldn't hurt her, we went to take the pictures I posted above. She was able to move around well without getting hung up on the costume, and has a lot of flowing room to do what she pleases. While the stomach isn't huge like in the stock photo, there is some stuffing in the pink area. I also noticed the tail looks different as well from the stock photo and the costume in person. 

One of my favorite features of this costume is the velcro around the neck area. The neck hole looks extremely small until you pull the velcro apart, and then it open to mid chest. This makes it a lot easier to quickly get them in their costume and then bundled back up when you put the velcro in place. 

Overall, I love this costume. I got a 18M-2T and it will still fit Macyn well come October. While I'll have to get a long sleeve black shirt and pants, those are pretty cheap and can be used time and time again. 

This costume retails on the site for $29.95 and comes in three different sizes. 
This costume is made of Polyester and if it doesn't fit, offers free exchanges for a different size. 

Other costumes offered among many....

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Heather said...

that costume is just tooo cute! I love it!!

Regan said...

What an adorable costume!

Diana Chastain said...

That is so stinking cute! I did a review for a costume site. My little girl was Minnie Mouse. I can NOT wait for Halloween and fall and pumpkin carving and falling leaves and yummy scents and pumpkin lattes and boots and sweaters. AH! Can't wait!

Jessica said...

So adorable. I need to start planning our Halloween costumes. My boys love Halloween.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

That's a cute one! My four year old already has grand plans for her costume, my two year old doesn't seem to care too much.