Friday, August 2, 2013

Get Fit Friday Week 6

 Hopefully you've been using all of the information I've given you and you're seeing progress! Or, maybe you haven't started yet because your family isn't committed to eating healthy with you? Well, welcome to my world! My family is NOT committed to eating healthy. In fact, my husband won't touch anything that even looks like a vegetable or fruit. So most of the time when I cook, I'm cooking 2 separate meals for all 3 of us. What I like to do is eat what they eat, but change mine into a healthier option.

For example, I cook Penne pasta with Garlic bread for my family. I cook Veggie pasta with squash and toasted Sara Lee 45 cal multi-grian bread for me. While my husband's plate ends up having 700 calories, my plate only has 300! Garden Delight is my favorite brand to buy. It's affordable and some of the ingredients listed are wheat, flour, carrots, tomato, and spinach! These are at Walmart for $1.25 per box.

Another example is hotdogs. I cook regular wieners on white hotdog buns for my husband, and I have a turkey wiener on my 45 calorie Sara Lee bread with only mustard. While 2 hotdogs for him is around 590 calories, mine is only 230! These are at Walmart for around $4.

 The same goes for hamburgers. When my husband eats meat on his burger, I used Boca vegan burgers on my Sara Lee bread with no mayo. These are at Walmart for around $4. They don't taste like the BEST thing in the world but not the worst either. For only 70 calories per patty, I think they are pretty great!

Lay's Light Potato Chips, Original - 6.5 oz (184.2 g) When the family is eating chips and dip,you can have the same but lower calorie option. Try Lays LIGHT chips. For dip, use one container of plain greek yogurt and add 1/2 packet of ranch dip mix. It tastes the SAME as ranch dip but only 100 calories for the entire thing vs 400 calories for a whole thing of ranch chip dip. Salsa is another great dip option!

You can easily turn what you normally eat into a lower calorie healthier choice. With a few simple changes, you can eat something very similar to what your family is having. Remember to skip the soda and have a water instead with your meal.