Friday, August 16, 2013

Get Fit Friday Week 8

So, we're at that point. I'm going to talk about that one thing every new dieter hates starting. Exercise. Yes, exercise. I was NOT a fan of exercising. In fact, even thinking about working out made me feel tired. Everyone has to start somewhere and if you're just starting, take it slow. Don't try running 5 miles on your first day. I started off by waking up around 5am, feeding the baby and getting him back to bed, then eating a light breakfast before walking around the neighborhood. I used the app on my android called Map My Fitness. It tells you how far you walked, how fast you went and how long it took you to walk. At first I would do 1-2 miles a day and then my endurance got higher and higher with each day I walked. I can now do 7-10 miles at a time!

After walking, I feel GREAT!! There's no better feeling in the world than feeling accomplished and feeling healthier. Plus, walking burns so many calories!

I will make small goals for myself each day before walking. For example, I walked 7 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes so the next day I would aim for 7 miles in 1hour and 15 minutes, OR I would aim for 8 miles. Each day I wanted to do better than yesterday. Don't compete with other people, compete with yourself.

With that being said, here are a few pre and post workout meals. Your body needs energy before your walk and needs food for repair after your walk.

 Another great way to start out exercising is doing challenges. I've mentioned these before on Get Fit Friday. These exercises start you out slow and with each day that passes, they get more difficult. You can find them on pinterest when you search for "challenge" in the Health and Fitness section. The "squat challenge" was my favorite. Here are my results:

Here is the squat challenge I used: