Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MADil Flip Flops: Gender Reveal Set Review

The actual product idea came to me while waiting by our local pool for our kids to finish their swim practice.  I was inspired to see the many creative ways people chose to express themselves…from their clothing to their accessories. The traditional flip flop, however, was left out of the "expressive" picture.  So, why not reinvent the flip flop to enable people to further express themselves? By changing band colors and adding charms to your flip flops, customers can accessorize their MADiL flip flops to match their daily activity, mood, and style. We’ve made a commitment to give back 10% of all flip flop sales to nonprofit projects.

I reviewed the Oh Baby! Bundle as a part of the Gender Reveal Party we had on August 3. This set comes with blue/pink bands and then a set of grey bands to change for normal use afterwards, as well as a heart charm!

I'm a huge fan of flip flops. Weather permitting, I prefer to wear flip flops March-October every year. I've always bought the cheap Old Navy flip flops and thought nothing more of it, until I found MADiL. 

MADiL gives you the chance to customize your sandals and change them up with your look! You purchase the color of flip flop you want, the color of band you want to accent, and then charms to add that little bit of extra sparkle to the shoe! 

Now normally I just walk around my home barefoot, even during parties. I'm not a shoe person like my husband and I don't like wearing shoes around the house just because we have company over. Since it is Summer time and I'm sure I'll be going between inside and outside due to the BBQ, flip flops were a given for my choice of shoe wear until I found MADil. While I'm cautious of white flip flops, I loved the look and idea behind the Oh! Baby Bundle and I figured why not accessorize from head to toe for the party?!

I had been on my feet all day Saturday with finishing touches of cleaning and other little things that needed to be done, so by the time our party started at 4pm my feet were killing me. I put on the flip flops right before the party and I instantly enjoyed the cushion I felt under my feet. While the straps felt a little tight at first, the quickly loosened up as I walked around and enjoyed our family. Something minor that I also noticed is that they're quiet. They don't make that louder noise that my Old Navy flip flops do, and being in our house, it was nice to not have hear click click over the crowd of people. 

MADil suggests sizing up by one and I'm glad I did. I will say that it seems like there's too much room by my toes vs the heel so that would be the only thing I'd change if I could. 

My Old Navy flip flops give me issues because they're old, so I think next Spring I'll place a couple orders in to MADil to not only get some new flip flops, but something that's also more comfortable for me. 

MADiL flip flops are $19/pair and come in 5 colors
MADiL color bands are $3/bundle
MADiL charms range from $5-$9
MADiL also offers bundle packages ranging $24-$38

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