Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 24

Doctor Appointments:
August 21 (24 weeks)
September 18 (28 weeks)

Based off my LMP I have a due date of Dec 8. Ultrasound measured for a due date of Dec 7. I was tracking ovulation with temping and that gives me a due date of Dec 11. My Dr is choosing to go with Dec 7 and I there fore will be moving these posts to Saturdays and going with my Dr's choice. 

Baby Names:
We all know now its a girl so HER name is Mya Sue 

Food cravings: 
I think a lot of my food cravings are gone or at least calmed down. That's always a great thing since I'm over weight naturally, so no cravings is best for me.

Mya thumps around in there quite often. I think she's my most active baby yet, especially so early on. I was informed I have an anterior placenta so I don't feel her quite as much as I'd like, but when I do I try to take it in and remember her little love taps. Week 19 seemed pretty active but now its quiet in there most days. 

Weight gain:
10 week weight: 225lb
13 week weight: 228lb
16 week weight: 230lb
20 week weight: 232lb
24 week weight: 237lb

Gender prediction tests: 
Child's hairline-[Girl]
Intelligender (at 10w1d)-[Girl]
Chinese Calendar From BabyCenter-[Boy] WRONG! 
(Some I did said girl, just depends on the site)
High heartbeat (at 10w1d)-[Girl] 
Heart Beat is now in mid 140s compared to 170s at 10w

I sleep pretty great. Im able to sleep almost through the night without waking as long as I make sure to empty my bladder that one last time before bed ;)


Rachel R. said...

I have an anterior placenta too, so I don't get to feel my little guy moving around as often as I'd like. Congrats on your pregnancy!