Thursday, August 22, 2013

Project Pomona: Comparing Size 1 & Size 2 Pants

I was sent a pair of pants for a past review and sent another pair for comparison only. They were returned after this review
Project Pomona
Project Pomona is a company that designs shorts and pants specially designed for cloth diaper bums and gives you ease of use when your child wears cloth diapers. Meghan is the owner and designer of Project Pomona which started in Dec 2011 in her own home due to clothes not properly fitting her first born when she wore cloth. Sometimes even sizing up in pants can still be uncomfortable for babies to sit and crawl around in, so she started making her own pants for a great and comfortable fit for her daughter.

I recently did a review on the Pomona jeans and asked for a size 2 since Brantley is bigger and taller than most other babies. After trying on the jeans, writing my review, and thinking they fit great when set to the smallest size, Meghan at Project Pomona asked me to compare sizes 1 and 2 of her Pomona Cloth Diaper Pants on him.

Here is a little about Brantley's age and size:
4.5 months old.
16 pounds.
17 inches around tummy.
12 inches from navel to ankle.


These Teal Deer Jeans are a size 1. These are made for 3-9 months; 12-20 pounds; and 14-20" waist I snapped the waist into 2nd smallest size and rolled the bottom leg cuffs halfway up. The leg/thigh/butt area fits great! Below is how the cuffs look rolled all the way up, rolled halfway up, and rolled all the way down.


These Pirate Jeans are a size 2. These are made for 9-18 months; 19-25 pounds; and 15-21" waist. I snapped the waist into the smallest size and rolled the bottom leg cuffs all the way up to the smallest size and they fit him perfectly. The leg/thigh/butt area is a tad bit baggy but the jeans are neither too long nor too big around the waist.

While both pair of pants fit him great, I'd say size 1 fits him a little better and Meghan's size chart is very accurate even for the chunkier babies!


Megan said...

Oh my goodness, I'm not even near pregnant and I want a paid of those size 1 jeans!!! So adorable! :)

Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy said...

I love the cuffs on Project Pomona pants. Why don't all baby jeans have them? I assume the extra room in the bum is for fluffy bums?

Taylor Rios said...

These are so cute!!!!