Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Pecking Order: Sibling Set Review for baby #4

Thank you The Pecking Order for the infant sibling onsie to help with this review

Zoey’s Attic officially launched in November 2006 by creator and owner Erin Delanty.  The inspiration for the website came shortly after the birth of their first child. Once they decided to grow their family it was a no brainer to have the store where families could come and get personalized items for children of any age! 

I first heard about The Pecking Order shortly before giving birth to our third daughter in February 2012. We got sibling shirts and they're very special to my heart. Ever since then we've used Erin's help in celebrating holidays and birthdays, as well as other events like my co-blogger Lakeon announcing her pregnancy to her family, and now new sibling sets for the girls and baby #4. While I could have just used our old set, McKenzie's shirt says "Middle Sister" and that will no longer be the case so I picked a new style. 

I decided to go a simple route this time and I purchased the Text Sibling Shirts you see above for the girls to wear. The Pecking Order and I came to the fun conclusion that I would email them the gender of baby #4 as well as the name and surprise everyone with the infant onsie shirt after we revealed the gender. I loved this idea because this company is very close to my heart and I really love that they were also helping me in this special time with something fun and exciting. I also knew it would make a GREAT photo prop during the party as well!

If you're a long time follower of this blog, than you know I'm a huge supporter of The Pecking Order. I purchased 3 of the shirts from the site and then was given Mya's onsie as a review item. I was excited to have something to hold on to as soon as we announced gender, and make it more real for people. 

While everyone ate dinner, I got the chance to play around with table and Mya's shirt. It's so cute and tiny and I can't wait to have another little baby to snuggle and hold. Since Erin uses Carter onsies, we're all familiar with their feel and fit. As usual, all images are digitally printed on the shirts which means they're truly a part of the shirt vs coming off over time or peeling and cracking. Since I wanted each of the girls' shirts to be a different color, I chose orange this time, and it turned out really well. It's dark enough to see from a distance, but not too dark to where it looks red. 

I can't wait until December when I can see my beautiful little girls welcome their baby sister in to our family. I chose to size up so they can fit in them all nicely next Spring for another round of photos, but just like with the birth of our last daughter, I know that a picture of all our children in their sibling shirts will be one of my favorite and most cherished out of the hospital photos we have. 

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Renae C. said...

How fun! My older daughter was so excited when her little sister was born. She was so proud to be a 'Big sister'. She would love on of those shirts!

Melanie Scout said...

That will definitely be a special photo. What a cute idea!

Mom of Two said...

Wonderful pictures and what a fun way to gift special presents to all the kids and it will make for fun picture opportunities after the baby is born.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

What a great company to work with! It's great that they could help you out with gender and name reveal! So fun.

Amy said...

Now, those are absolutely adorable! Congrats on baby girl number 4! We've got three little boys and this would be so cute to get for them.